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10 Hen’s Night Secrets every BFF needs to know

hens night-hens-engagement-wedding-1Are you planning a hens night for a friend? Or asking a friend to help organise one for you? Do you know what to do or how to make sure the hens is a success?

10 Hen’s Night Secrets every BFF needs to know

1. Consider the hen you are planning for!

Do not organise strippers if she will be embarrassed and cringe the whole night. It is about her so make sure you consider her needs and wants. It is all about celebrating with girlfriends, relaxing and taking a break from the planning and the drama that wedding planning can be

2. Consider classier options for a classy girl

A glamour weekend away with the girls, spas and pampering? a Manicure/ pedicure?

Massages? What will she like the most?

3. Tarot readers

Why not read your futures together and have a laugh at what the cards say! this has gained popularity in recent times, but is still kind of cool and unique.

tarot reader at chairty fundraiser event-corporate event entertainment

4. Cocktail Shaken not stirred

Why not get the party going by learning to make some killer drinks, and then enjoy drinking them together

5. Guest Lists for the Hens night

talk to the bride to be, People have long list friends and other “circles” that she will want to celebrate with. Make sure you have the list clear, the definite’s and definitely nots!

6. What about her relatives

always ask the bride before inviting her mother or mother in law!

She make want to kick up her heels more than you think!

7. When is a good time for the hens

At least a few weeks prior to the wedding. It may be a big night and she doesn’t want bags under her eyes on the wedding day

8. hens night Location, location, Location

Select the venue wisely. will it be in one place, or a moving target (Bus tours, day cruise or other) Taxis can be a pain, so keep this in mind if you are thinking of moving mid-party

Make sure it here will be fun, good food and drinks, and that the atmosphere will hold the guests for the duration (don’t let it be boring!)


9. It’s all about her!

Make sure no one is in doubt about who the night or weekend is about!

10. Get organised

Plan everything in detail;. Venues get booked up, so plan  the party well in advance and be organised