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Event Management

Instinct offers a full list of Event Management services when and if required. Have a look through our various services below to see how we can help you with any event management component if required
Our event management services are here to make your event even easier to deliver.  We believe our work speaks for itself. Why not check out some of our case studies, and see what our customers think!


Event Management Logistics

Our event logistics planning process is simple. Work the creative concept through the realities of the physical site, budget constraints and the consideration and concerns of all suppliers, to deliver a seamless event, that is safe, and over delivers on clients expectations.

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Ware house logistics


Brand activations 3

Brand Activations

Brand Activations are about allowing consumers to use a product or experience a service. This “activates” the brands value in the mind of the consumer,  who walks way from the experience with a strong impression of the brand and the value it delivers.

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Budgeting & Reporting for Events

The key to a successful event is a solid budget and reporting system. A structured budget helps in monitoring costs, understanding what you can afford, reporting to the clients or management and most of all keeping things under control.

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Budget and reporting


Project planning

Project Planning | Events

Project Planning an event requires for thought, insight and experience. It is not about what you’re planning to happen, but the things or incidents you didn’t plan for. It’ s these “things”  requiring contingencies and understanding.

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Entertainment & Speaker Management for Events

So you have booked your venue and now you are ready to book the band, dj, performers, MC’s or speakers. We want your event to be as successful as you do and are constantly on the hunt for exciting corporate entertainment solutions. That is the simple bit.

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Speak management -entertainment management


Venue selection and manasgem,ent

Venue Selection & Management

Without a doubt, venue selection will determine the success of your event, the vibe you create.  The quality of the food & beverage, the atmosphere, location and many other aspects venue selection will determine the quality of attendance you get at your event.

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Guest Management for Events

Guest management is about getting guests to your event, armed with the information they require, ensuring they come to experience the event in accordance with you objectives.

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Guest management

No matter what Event Management service you are after. We are able to tailor something to meet your needs. Everything from Event Logistics to Guest Management.

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