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Photography for Events

Capturing your event on the night is of prime importance, not simply from a memento perspective. But also from a marketing and brand building exercise. For a full list of photography services click here.

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Copy Writing & Script Writing for Events

Selling the right message for your event is crucial. Script Writing your event message can be a highly important component for your event. for more information regarding copy & script writing click here.

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decor and theming

Decor & Theming for Events

The Decor & Theming of your event is crucial to elevating the perception of guests and their experience of the event. In every situation the guests will have a predetermined expectation of what they will see, feel and experience when doors open.

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Styling & Set Design for Events

As the stage is a central place of focus for the duration of your event, the set design and styling should be functional and attractive. It has to work.

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graphic design graphics and multimedia

Graphics & Multi-Media Design for Events

When it comes to marketing and events, we understand every detail counts, and effects your overall brand positioning. The invitations the guests receive. How they look, how good is the print quality, and most importantly, what emotional response will they create in the recipient.

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Concept Creation & Development for Events

Concept creation & creativity is at the core of all we do. As a company, Instinct is made up of creatives, musicians, artists, poets, creative directors, videographers, marketers, dancers, lovers of late nights and those committed to caffeine. Everything we undertake starts with a creative concept.

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Concept creation


brand and marketing strategy agency help

Brand & Marketing Strategy for Events

Your brand strategy brings your competitive positioning to life, and works to position you as a certain “something” in the mind of your prospects and customers.

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Video Production for Events

Corporate videos are an effective marketing tool, both internally and externally, for companies and organisations who wish to communicate in a more engaging way.

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No matter what creative service you are after. We are able to tailor something to meet your needs. Everything from Photography to Brand and marketing strategy.

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