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How do I create a short list?

Simply click on the button called shortlist- the rest is easy, add as many acts as you like before sending your inquiry

When can I get a quote?

Simply call us and ask. Our mission is to help you find fun fast! We will try to get it to you no later than the next day (where ever possible, even faster!)

Why do you want to know my budget?

So we can tailor the offer to you, to make it you-nique! In order to FIND FUN FAST, we need to know where to look and what range of talent you are after!

QUOTE: What if I don’t like what you have presented?

The beauty of this service is that we offer an obligation free quotation service! You have nothing to loose, and can eliminate the risk associated with flaky “artists”, bands spitting up or simply not getting back to you!

How long does the band play for and what do we get?

In most cases, functions are based on a 4-5 hour food and beverage package with the venue! Instinct’s Bands & Djs are here to fit in with your event, and thus will arrive before your guests do and leave after your guests leave (so none of your guests will see the set up or pack down process!)

As a general rule, most Cover/Dance Bands will play 3x45mins sets over their call time. While most Jazz Bands will play 4 x 40min sets over their call time.

Call times do vary from band to band and from state to state and this will be outlined in your contract.

While a band is not performing live they will play CD music in between breaks for the full duration of their call out time. You are welcome to bring your own music on CD or iPods to play during these breaks.

Ceremony: What if I am getting married at the same venue we are having our reception?

Sometimes you may require the band to set up before a ceremony that is taking place at the same venue. In these cases we need to discuss these requests with each band. In some cases this may incur an extra fee.

Can the singer sing without a microphone at the ceremony?

In short, no! all good vocalists want to look after their voice! straining to be heard is not a good idea for any professional. if you want a ceremony act, then look to have a microphone /sound system or get an instrumental act.

Microphones: can we use the bands microphone for speeches?

Yes!! Most bands will allow you to use their microphone for speeches as well as PA system to play CD music/ ipod through.

It is best to advise us prior to your function if you require use of their PA/Microphone.

Can the Band MC for us?

Some of our bands do perform MC duties for an extra fee. However, most prefer to focus on a great musical performance.

At Instinct we highly recommend the MC be the best man, family member or a friend rather than a band member where possible.

This adds a familiar touch to the function; your family and friends will relate better and they have more personal stories and anecdotes to share through out the night. Besides knowing how to pronounce you names correctly, you will find most family members and friends will be honoured to perform the role for you.

Song requests: Will the band learn a song for us?

It is always best to try to select songs from the band’s current song list which is available to download on our website. If the song you want is not on the list and as long as it is in the same genre as the band already performs, then we can request this of the band. Usually the band will advise us whether this is possible.

If the band is unable to learn the song, we highly suggest playing your special song on CD and then having the band play live straight after the song. This option works very well.

Presentation: What will they wear?

All entertainers will meet the required dress code standard. They are vetted and dressed to impress!

Can I go and see the band somewhere?

Many of the best bands only perform for corporate events and private functions. The Pub & Club scene is not what it used to be, as they simply don’t pay enough to get the best ! Only the daggy “wedding bands” run viewings in their lounge room!

That’s why we painstakingly gather the demos, video and information to help you chose with confidence. Further, we are only going to recommend a band that we know is going to deliver!

What if I don’t have time to visit venues to see the bands?

If you are like most people, then getting in the car a driving around at night to see multiple entertainers can be a bit a of a drag, (given the time consuming nature of this activity).. Luckily, we have done the hard work for you, saving you time, energy and loads of disappointment!

How much time do I have to book?

You can book as close to your event as you like, but if you want the acts you want, get in early. ALL entertainers work on a first in best dressed basis! So make sure you event is dressed to impress!

What is the booking process?

Once you give us the go ahead, we will email you a contract (with tax invoice and credit card authority form).

A deposit (20-50% depending on the act) is required within 7 days. The balance is due 7 days prior to the performance date.

Payment: How do we pay?

All payments can be made via EFT*, credit card**, cheque, cash, money order. If you have any questions prior to payment, please call 1300 881 611 or email info@instinctmusic.com.au

*EFT: Electronic funds transfer now available online with most banks and financial institutions.

**MasterCard and Visa will incur a 3% charge and Amex will incur a 3.5% charge.

Cancellations- What happens if I cancel my booking?

All bookings cancelled in forfeit their deposit (20-50%) Any cancellation within 28 days of the performance date will incur 100% of the fee

What is production?

Production is the equipment required to amplify the bands or djs music so your guests can hear it! Speakers, amps and microphones are all part of the production. Often, lighting is also required. for further details see “Technical Production Management

What is a run sheet?

A run sheet is the timing document. It outlines what is going to happen and when! Every event should have one to ensure that all suppliers form catering to entertainment know what to do and any given point. Its is critical to tying an event together. Instinct is happy to offer ALL of its clients complimentary help in creating a run sheet for your event.

What does a rider mean?

A rider refers to the meal requirements for the band/performers.

Performers contracted over 3 hours require hot meals and refreshments (usually some alcoholic drinks) which are to be provided at the clients cost. Most venues will provide a discounted meal for performers.

For performance times less than 3 hours, refreshments are required only.

Treat the band like adults and you are guaranteed the best results.

Load in & Sound check- When does the band arrive to set up?

Bands arrive up to 1 hours prior to their contracted call out times.

Earlier load in times may incur an extra fee and need approval prior to booking.

Instinct will liaise with your venue prior to your function date to co-ordinate load-in and sound check times.

Band Meals: Do we need to feed the band? It is standard to offer a meal to all talent on site for an event over 3 hours. You don’t want them running off to buy a pizza do you? For call times under 3 hours Drinks & Nibbles is standard

What if the act gets sick or the band splits up?

If an act becomes ill or for any reason cannot perform on the day we will offer a 100% money back guarantee or we will find you a suitable replacement, that meets your approval. (we wont leave you on the side of the road!)

24 Hour help line? Who do I call if there are issues?

We have a 24 hour hotline available to solve problems and answer questions!

Public Liability Insurance: Does instinct have me covered?

Yep, more than covered! We have $20 Million Public Liability Insurance, so breath easy, knowing we have you covered.

How much do I have to spend? What is a good budget?

How much you send is up to you, but if you want a good rule of thumb for calculating an entertainment budget, try this. Take your spend on entree and Desert and multiply it by the number of guests you have.

No one leaves a wedding or event saying, what a night, what an amazing entree! (but they will recall an ordinary band!)

Who would buy entertainment they have never seen, from people they have never met face to face?

So far, more than 4000 companies and 6000 individuals over 10 years have asked themselves that question. People who decided that they do not have time to run around a visit hundreds of bands, listen to thousands of demos, and they realized that they still don’t know the entertainers personally, to feel assured that what they buy is what they will get! those customers felt safe in the knowledge that we know the perfect entertainment for your event- find fun fast, with instinct.

Oh, but don’t listen to us, listen to what our customers say… (Click to testimonials)

What do these guys know? What have they done and for who?

We could tell you that we have provided entertainment for more than 10,000 events, since 2002, but It’s not what we have done, but what we can do for you that counts! Don’t listen to us, listen to what our customers say

Can they organize more than just the band?

From concept to completion, we offer the works. Entertainment- corporate shows, roving acts, comedians, live music as well as total event management, audio visual production. Simply tell us what we need or give us the chance to WIN your business!

Ok, but what do I do next?

Everybody’s different, So here are 3 ways to Find Fun Fast!

1) Do it yourself If you like you like to do things your self, then the site is ready for you. Search, Watch & Listen now and find the fun! (create a shortlist,and email it to us – its EASY!)

2) Done with you If you would like a helping hand, we are ready and waiting! Give us a call or email and tell us what you need, and we will present the best options to you FREE!

3) Done for you If you just don’t have the time to get it all done and would like it done for you, simply give us a call or email and we will get to work IMMEDIATELY