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Cover bands for corporate events, functions, weddings or private parties can be found here. Instinct represents the best cover bands for hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & throughout Australia.  Search cover bands now.   Save the cover bands you like to your personal wish list*. Listen. Read. View. Watch. Enjoy.


Ask people about the best corporate events, wedding or parties they’ve been to and they’re likely to tell you about the one with the great cover band.  “We danced all night & went home with sore feet!”

Cover bands are about dancing. A cover band is a great live music option for any corporate event, awards night, gala dinner, wedding or private function. When it comes to entertaining guests at  corporate events a good cover band, party band or function band is a critical ingredient.

Events may contain formalities, awards, announcements, attempt to deliver educational materials or deliver a message. However most events are about bringing people together to celebrate, communicate or captivate!  This may vary in difference environments, cultures & with different audience types. Singing along to a favourite song, dancing and enjoying music is a sure fire way to engage an audience and make sure they have a good time.



“Events bring people together to celebrate. However the GREAT EVENTS involve dancing”

Cover band hire corporate cover bands melbourne

What is a cover band?

A cover band or band that performs “covers” is a band performing songs previously written and recorded by another artist or performer.  Cover versions of well known and well liked songs are often recorded by new or up and coming artists.

Many professional musicians begin their career’s in cover bands, giving them a chance to develop their skills , perfect their voice & master their instruments. This is often the way it is done, before they embark on their own recording careers. The Beatles spend years in Germany performing as covers in venues,  bars and clubs, before venturing onto the world stage as song writers.

Famous Cover Bands & Artists

Some famous covers include the Beatles performing “Twist & Shout” (originally written by the Isley Brothers) or Elvis Presley performing “Blue Suede shoes” (which was originally recording by Carl Perkins). Carlos Santana famously covered Fleetwood Mac’s  “Black Magic Woman”.  Jimi Hendrix even covered “All Along the Watch Tower” (Dylan). Joe Cocker found fame singing other peoples songs, long before he wrote and recorded his own material.

Beatles- ciover band of century-cover bands- covers in germany

“One of my biggest thrills for me still is sitting down with a guitar or a piano and just out of nowhere trying to make a song happen” Paul McCartney 

keith-richards-stones were a cover band-sover songs in hamburg

The most stunning fact is the Rolling Stones first three albums we mostly made up of songs written and recorded by other artists. Playing covers was a great way to develop their skills, hone their sound and get in front of audiences and play!  They spent years in Germany perfecting their craft, night after night, treating it as a trade. Can you imagine the lads arguing over what songs they were login t over and why ?

In the modern era the most successful cover artist would have to be Michael Buble. His global success  is phenomenal and it is based on albums of mostly cover songs. This familiar repertoire has catapulted him to international success, wealth and he appears to be having a fantastic time as well!

“The only things Mick & I disagree about is the band, the music and what we do.” – Keith Richards

Playing covers is a trade

“Covers” are the “space” or “room” in which most working cover musicians live.  Like other “tradesmen” they go to work applying their skills, reproducing the hits of other people.  Whilst they often dream of writing & recording their own material and having it recognised, performing cover bands are their life line, mostly as corporate entertainment

Audiences for corporate events, parties, weddings want to hear songs they already know and love. Cover bands allows the audience to hear their favourite songs performed live without the cost or expense of engaging the rock stars (often expensive recording artists) to perform at that event.

We are proud to represent the very best “tradesmen” in the music business. Cover bands & musicians for hire. Like mercenaries they will do whatever it takes to get the job done.


” Cover Bands play “familiar” songs the audience knows and loves.”

cover bands-cover songs- wedding band0wedding sing-wedding bands melbourne

Cover Songs are paying homage to the past or previous

Cover bands are often referred to as “wedding band, party band, function band or band for hire. All these terms reflect where” they will perform as much as anything else. It could be “event band, bar band, club band, birthday band, back yard band for that matter!! Whether it is Top 40, Classic Covers, Funk Bands, Rock Bands or Tribute bands, cover bands are always making people remember moments.

Adam Sandler made the “Wedding Singer” a massive hit, and performed a vast range of covers, in the way most working musicians do throughs out their careers. When you think about it, most professional jazz bands are performing the hit songs from the classics. They are covering Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Stan Getz and so on.  Covers bands are really bands just performing “familiar” songs the audience knows and loves. Why would you look any where else?

“In high school I wanted to be a rock star & was in a lot of bands.” – Adam Sandler

Cover bands Vs Tribute acts?

You may be asking “What is the difference between a cover band and a tribute act?”  The simplest answer  is cover bands perform songs written by an array of recording artists or performers, whilst a “tribute act” performs songs specially for one artist or genre.

Examples of tribute acts may help clarify:

Elvis impersonator’s will only sing Elvis.. right ?  Where as great cover bands, such as Chunky Jam or Groove Star, will perform songs across the decades, in a huge range of styles, from a huge range of artists. This can have a much broader appeal to larger numbers of people than a tribute band.

tribute band- tribute act- paying tribute via covers


“There may never be a time when “The Blues Brothers” do not have a tribute band somewhere performing their songs.”

Cover bands- party bands- functuon bands and jimi hendrix doing covers

“Me too” Vs “Brand New”

Recording artists with a massive fan base often tend to be well represented in the “tribute band space as well.  This cover most rock / pop genres and tends to reflect the “stature” of the band in the market.  If they were huge in the 80s & 90s then there is probably a tribute band performing their hits and peddling their “brand” in local pubs, clubs and bars.

Bands who have featured on TV or movies are also well represented. There may never be a time again when “ the Blues Brothers” do not have a tribute band somewhere performing their songs. Corporate entertainment and corporate events will assure this is the case.

“Cover Songs” are the ‘space’ or ‘room’ in which most working musicians live.”

Wedding Singers & Wedding Bands

We understand  booking a wedding band can be a daunting task. We are here to make it easy and to explain the stuff you don’t “get” right now. This is what we do! day in day out. Keep  in mind, this may be your first time at this, but we have clocked up over 8000 weddings  in just under 20 years.

We cater for couples wanting cover bands, dj’s, or hybrid cover bands- combining a DJ with live musicians, singers sax player and more. Our goal is simple – Leave guests amazed and couples feeling proud and glowing at the end of the night.  Good cover bands turn up on time, dress well, perform the songs you want to hear and over deliver.

Event types-wedding-weddings-wedding receptions

“Our goal is simple – Leave guests amazed and couples feeling proud and glowing at the end of the night”

dread zeppelin cover band- party band= cover band melbourne-sydney-cover bands

Can cover bands change the styles of the song they cover ?

Almost all cover bands cover different styles of songs. Some tribute bands also cover bands in different styles or genres to those of the original recording artist.

  • Richard Cheese performs cover rock songs in the style of lounge music.
  • Dread Zeppelin specialised in Led Zeppelin’s songs, performed in a reggae format with an elvis impersonator as the lead singer
  • AC/DShe is an all female band cover band performing the hits of AC/DC

“Most events are about bringing people together to celebrate – may as well make them dance too”

Cover bands for hire for corporate events

When it comes to entertaining guests at most corporate event across Australia, a good party band or function band is a critical ingredient. Whilst events may contain formalities, awards, announcements, attempt to deliver educational materials, or draw attention to a cause. Most event are about bringing people together to celebrate!  This may vary in difference environments, cultures & with different audience types. However singing along to a favourite song, dancing and enjoying music is a sure fire way to engage an audience and make sure they have a good time.

A good band can customise their “Set list” or selection of songs, to suit your audience or event. Cover bands for hire can bring their experience to the stage and give your guests exactly what they are after- a good time.

Cover band- party band-dance band for corporate events in melbourne -sydney

“Without a doubt, good cover bands deliver the most bang for you buck over any other form of entertainment.”

Cover bands - cover musician wondering about the meaining of life

Party Band or Corporate Entertainment ?

A good dance band, function band or party band will deliver the best value over any other form of corporate entertainment. They will often work harder and for longer than other entertainers. They will provide the “soundtrack” to your event, ensuring guests attach happy memories to the moment.

  • Comedians will only be “Funny” for about 20 minutes .. then they leave (unless you engage them as master of ceremonies).
  • Dancers will only dance for about 8-10 minutes. and after this they will loose the attention and interest of the audience.
  • Corporate stage shows may only perform for 10 -30 minutes.

Classic cover bands or function bands will perform between three to four sets of about 45 minutes each. they will provide music form the beginning to the end of your event.

“In many cases a cover bands will also provide the PA /Audio Equipment – Saving you thousands $$$$ “

Customised Cover Bands for events

Event planners who are holding a themed event, or an event with an over riding theme, often lean on a good cover band to help them deliver the “vibe”. Bands can dress up, or simply perform cover of songs that tie in with the theme or event idea.  It could be performing the soundtrack hits to a movie  or it could be performing hits for one specific era:

Cover bands can also perform songs that are meaningful to the audience or the end client. Performing the CEO’s favourite song may be a great way for the event planner to win favour with the client. Many Melbourne cover bands, Sydney cover bands will customise their show for you if you ask!  Creating a great briefing document outlining special requests for any cover bands is the best way to approach this. Ask us if you need help!

70s cover band tribute band cover band melbourne -sydney

“The huge number of live venues that used to provide employment opportunities for Melbourne Bands have now moved to gaming & poker machines. This has seen the “cover scene” change.

Chunky Jam world cup cricket-4 corporate cover band-wedding band-party band-melbourne

Melbourne Bands

Instinct proudly represents the best cover bands Melbourne has to offer. With nearly 20 years of experience in creating and managing cover bands, we have learned how to keep a finger on the pulse of Melbourne bands.

The nature of being a working musician in a cover band in Melbourne has changed since the 1990’s.  The huge number of live venues that used to provide employment opportunities for Melbourne Bands have now shifted to gaming & poker machines. This has seen the “scene: change.

Cover bands have now, more than ever, had to focus on the corporate event and wedding & party markets for their chance to perform the cover band songs they love to play. This in its own right has lead changes in the size, format and line ups of many cover bands.

Whilst cyclic, Melbourne bands are more often than not reducing the size or number of players, so as to offer the market a great band for less money, Simple theory of “more mouths to feed” has lead to this trend in “band size reduction”

Smaller band line ups of duos and trios have also taken rise, as venues no longer put on a full, live band, instead opting for acoustic duos or smaller, more affordable lineups.

“Melbourne Bands nearly always start as cover bands”

Cover Bands VS Hybrid DJ Band

The changing digital landscape has also seen rise to a massive number of ‘Hybrid band. These are generally dance bands, driven by a DJ, playing tracks, and then having live vocals from a cover singe, sax player, percussion or guitar all jamming along.

Whilst not entirely as live party band, these bands would still fall under the umbrella of cover band, and have grown in popularity.  This format does allow for the dj to perform between the sets. However this hybrid band format does not as easily allow for customisation or individual changes to the arrangements of the songs.  Improvisation has come from jazz, but is now firmly in the ammunition of good working musicians. It is a powerful tool for entertainment.

Djs with live musicians savannah club

Cover bands are still the best corporate entertianment going

Cover bands come in all shapes and sizes

Dance Bands for hire

Whilst some cover bands perform dinner music, instrumental background music and so on, many are focused on the party bit of the event. the last 3 hours, (after formalities) when it is all about the dance floor.  This is where they get the most “engagement” or “juice’ form the crowd or audience. They can see the immediate result on the dance floor.

The dance bands job is a simple one: perform covers of popular songs so the audience can dance and have a good time in clubs, bars, casinos, lounges, schools, function venues, ballrooms, or lobbies!

A good dance band will be able to move any audience. Infectious grooves, great vocals and amazing guitar playing still has a place in most beating hearts. Digital technology has now created the ability for live bands to incorporate backing tracks, loops, soundscapes and more.  This has given the cover band a chance to sound exactly like the original recording, with all the special effects and ambiences previously only afforded to musicians in the recording studio.

“Sydney Cover Bands feature some of Australia’s best live musicians”

Cover Bands Sydney

Cover bands in Sydney are also still in huge demand.  Sydney bands have been absorbed into the RSL, rugby and sailing club culture.  Somewhat different to Melbourne bands, Sydney bands have the opportunity to get regular work touring a circuit of clubs.

Further, as Australia’s leading tourist city, the opportunities for a cover band Sydney based, often revolves around the Sydney Harbour, boating and parties.

The corporate event and wedding markets are still huge in Sydney for working dance bands & function bands.  With many of Australia corporate head offices based in Sydney, the opportunities for conferences, gala dinners and end of year parties still provide the best cover bands with stable work.

Classic Covers Band Jellybean jam

“Cover Bands have your event entertainment covered”


What does it take to be a successful cover band?

The main job of a successful cover band is learning music, rehearsing, scheduling performances (getting gigs). a big part of any successful cover band is finding the right singer., organising and casting the players and bringing a little theatre to the stage performance.

A music degree or formal musical education is not a requirement to be a successful cover musician. However, having a big level of musicianship and talent is. A singer that looks great, but sings a little out of tune or “pitchy” every time, will not last long as a cover musician.

Being a team player is also a critical ingredient. There are simply too many unemployed talented musicians to put up with a player who is arrogant, egotistical or with a “Rock Star” attitude.

Humility, respect and professionalism are all key ingredients to success in a working cover band.  Professional bands treat their band like a business, or in fact, turn it into one!

The best cover bands having something unique about them. The songs they sing, they way they perform, dress or act on stage.

“Cover band, working band, function band, wedding band – good music is good music”

Cover Bands & Guest interaction

The most important ingredient for cover band success is Fun! Regardless of how skilled a musician you are, if the band are smiling and having fun, the audience will have a good time too!

Interacting with guests these days goes beyond the performance. It means having a professional website, Facebook page and using social media to build a connection between the band and potential clients. Some bands are not necessarily the best players, but have done extremely by interacting with fans online. Posting , tagging and interacting online is a great way to get people involved in the band and the “brand” in the market place.

groove-star corporate cover band for hire melbourne

“The best cover band knows what the audience needs a moment before they audience needs it”


How to choose a Cover Bands Songs

Cover song selection is probably the most important thing to consider as a cover band for hire. While some bands default to the top 40 list, or other perform song they like to hear. The real answer is to choose songs that are suitable for the audience or environment.

To have success in the cover band business you need to invest a good deal of time and greta care in selecting the songs you choose to play.  You need the right balance of songs to keep all the members of the band happy as well as appealing to the varied audiences you wish to perform to.

“Choosing your favourite cover band song is like picking your favourite dish- so many to choose from!”

How to select a function band or party band

If you are a client, looking to engage a cover band, it is important to look thoroughly at their playlist, and ensure they have enough material to suit your event, wedding or guests. Nothing worse than a band performing loud rock songs, when you really wanted songs to dance to.  Guitar solos are great, in small doses!

Think about the nature of your event or location. If you are a bar owner, then you are wanting to sell food and drinks, The bands job is to entertain and keep the crowd spending money over the bar.

If you are a couple about to get married, then the bands job is to have the right music for the different stages of the wedding.  From entrance music, to back ground dinner music, to dance floor hits. A great wedding band will make or break most weddings based on their skills and performers, interaction with guests, and ability to listen and understand your needs, prior to the big day.

Ask yourself this, do you trust the band implicitly? if not, move on. The band will have a huge impact on your event, and you need to be able to work with them prior to the event ensure you get it right. Communication and understanding are the source of a successful band result.


Wedding music-wedding party

Cover Bands for Weddings 

At Instinct Events & Entertainment, we understand that booking a wedding band can be a daunting task, so we are here to make it easy. We cater for couples wanting a band leaving guests amazed and couples feeling proud and glowing at the end of the night. Good bands turn up on time and over deliver, from the start to the end of your event.

Browse our website or call 1300 881 611 to speak to someone from our experienced and professional team. They will work with you from beginning to end to ensure you get exactly what you want in a wedding band.

More Than Just Cover Bands for your Event

As well as Cover Bands music, Instinct also supplies other live entertainment including, Recording Artists, Duo’s & Trio’s , Jazz bands, DJ’s, Comedians, MC’s & speakers, Stage Shows and roving acts, perfect for corporate events. Browse our website or contact us to find out more.

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