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Promotional Events

Organising and planning a promotional event can be a stressful and challenging experience, particularly if you’re a small to medium sized business and its crucial that everything falls into place. Promotional Events are usually created for businesses who wish to promote a new service, a new product or a new venture for the company. They are also a great way to reconnect with your client, suppliers, business partners, service providers and promoters.

For a promotional event to be successful you need to understand and establish what your primary outcome of the event you wish to achieve. Is it revenue? Awareness? media Coverage or something else? This involves identifying what steps your promotional event will need to consist of to return the right outcome.

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Communicating your Key Messages

Work out what you key messages are for your event. Is it a new product, upgraded features, a new business service, or are you hoping to elevate your companies image and brand? Coming up with clear concise messages will be crucial as it should be a clear and memorable event for your guests. The message you wish to convey to your guests is the message you hope they will remember and take home with them.

Organising your Venue Space

One of the biggest things to organise is your Venue space. The bigger your event, the bigger the venue space needs to be, and its unlikely they would be available within a short time frame. You will also need to organise props, decorations and may require the services of florists, AV Systems, Photography, DJ’s etc. And last but not least, entertainment to pump up your event and entertain the guests.

Promotional Event Sponsors

Have you considered engaging a sponsor for your event? A sponsor has the potential to tap into a new markets and emphasize your key messages. They can also potentially increase your budget if you’re willing to let your sponsor advertise at your event or showcase their product offering which potentially aligns with your key messages, therefore introducing a new market sector for your business.

Post Event Engagement

When your event is finished the result should be that its put more value into your business than the cost to put it together. whether this is in media exposure, an increased customer database, or new partnerships for your business. This is dependent on what you wanted to achieve from your promotional event. You should gather emails or other contact details to reach out to your guest post event. Giving your guests branded gifts or information regarding you promotion and offering will ensure your guests will remember your event long after its finished. People are not always ready to engage with your offering straight away and giving them a physical reminder of your business will raise your brands reach and potentially have your attendees come back to you when they are ready to engage.


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