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Stilt Walkers

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Stilt Walkers

Stilt walking has been around for centuries. They’re the story of legends, festive occasions and religious rituals. They’ve entertained the young and old forever. Towering above the crowd who’s drawn to their elevated characters.

French Postman stilt walkers

Stilt Walking through History

There are many ancient ruins across the World depicting images of stilts. The Mayan Indians often performed religious ceremonies and dances with men on stilts. They where meant to bring good luck. Such rituals can still be seen in parts of Mexico today. In ancient Rome street dancers on stilts appealed to the Gods for good crop yields and prosperity. French farmers used to wear stilts to get them around their land. Postmen there even wore stilts delivering the mail.

One of the oddest tales involving stilts comes from New Zealand, where tales of thieving devils on stilts silently taking household items where common, reaching into peoples houses and taking things without leaving a footprint.

Greek Jar with Stilts

Ancient Greek storage jar (pithos) depicting a chorus of stilt walkers, from Athens, between 550 and 525 BC.

Modern day stilt walking

Today stilt walking is primarily used as a form of entertainment. Although stilt walking is also used for some industrial purposed such as dry walling and painting. However, when it comes to entertainment, Stilt walkers can be a great choice for roving entertainers. Towering above the crowd dressed in funny or spectacular outfits or disguised as exotic characters or animals, they’re a hit with young and old alike.



Lady Bugs Stilt Walkers

Butterflies on Stilts

Stilts for hire in Melbourne

Melbourne has an extensive variety of stilt walkers available for hire. From the Australian Bush Sprites to Bouncing Elves. Create an awesome event in Melbourne with some engaging stilt walkers to keep your guests entertained.

Stilt Walkers in Sydney

Sydney has some amazing stilt walkers available for hire. Check out the death defying costumes of Frida and Diego. The Cowgirls on Stilts, and for something really organic have a look at Buzz. Stilt Walkers add a lot of wow factor to your event as they are highly visible and engaging.

Mexican Stilts walkers