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Event Production

Instinct offers a full list of Event Production services when and if required. Our event production services are about ensuring the show goes off without a hitch, just the way you planned it! Have a look through our various services below to see how we can help you with any event production component if required
Our event production services are here to make your event even easier to deliver.  We believe our work speaks for itself.


Presentation Formating for Events

Presentation formatting can be an overwhelming task for even the most experienced in the art. It is an entirely different task to collate, gather and understand information, rather than to present it to an audience in a way that is engaging.

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Choreography and musical direction

Choreography & Musical Direction for Events

A choreographer is one who designs dances.
A musical director is one who does that, directs (as compared to composes) the music. In a way they’re making choices on behalf of the audience. Deciding what is going to work best, in any given moment to make to make it feel good.

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Show Calling & Direction for Events

Show calling or calling a show is sometimes referred to as the Technical Director. However this is not to be confused with the person in charge of Technology & Audio Visual Equipment. An event producer or event manager works hard to bring together all the elements of an event.

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Stage Management for Events

Stage Management is typically about providing practical and organisational support to the director, Mc’s, actors, performers, speakers, designers, stage crew and technicians throughout the production or event.

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Technical Production & Management for Events

We understand technical production can be daunting.  On top of everything else you have to arrange, you need to have some understanding of “what’s what” on the technical front now!

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No matter what Event Production service you are after. We are able to tailor something to meet your needs. Everything from Presentation Formating to Technical Production & Management.

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