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11 Tricks to Selecting a Venue for Events

selecting you function venue

Are you looking a for perfect venue for your event?
Want to know exactly what to look out for to make sure you don’t get burned?

Buyer Beware!!!

When choosing the venue to run your event, there are many factors to consider.  Please be aware that each venue is unique and has its own rules and regulations.  It is your responsibility to determine and understand these, and make considered choices. 

Remember the old adage “caveat emptor” – buyer beware!

Without a doubt, after food  & beverage, the audio visual component is the MOST expensive part of 90% of all indoor events..BE WARNED!

11 Tricks to Selecting a Venue for Events

1. Get in the right venue for your event

Choose your venue wisely! You choice of venue, it’s image and positioning in the market will say a lot about your event

2. Make it in taste good!

Good food is critical. always, always, always ask for a tasting of the menu you have selected !

3. Keep the it local

keep down costs and save the environment. Whenever possible, choose venue close to your audience!

4. Check the venue staffing levels

how many wait & bus staff to guests? Ask questions and get it in writing!

5. What is not included in your venue hire? Do not assume, ask!

Ask about AV, third party suppliers, loading docks. What about corporate entertainment?

6. Ask about venue lighting

  • does the room have variable lighting modes?
  • can you dim the lights if you are showing a video or screen based presentation?
  • do you have other modes of lighting to use for state changes, such as reflective time, or activities
  • does the venue have additional charges for tuning the lights on? (Do not laugh – this happens a lot)

7. Stage hire? Is it included in your venue hire

For audiences of over 100 you will require stage. Does your venue provide a stage or will you have to bring one in at additional cost? When can this come in? (see bump in section)

8. Venue Sound & vision systems

Many venues will offer complex vision, sound and lighting packages. BE WARNED! This is an extremely profitable area for venues.

They may have a sound systems with speakers, lecterns, projectors and screen build into the room. They will generally charge you to use it, over and above the basic room hire.

Further, this equipment may be complex or unfamiliar to you. BE WARNED!  They will offer your technical support as part of the room hire, but it will the VERY limited (as low as 10 minutes per day) after which they will charge you for assistance.  This technical support service is often referred to as a T.O.D (Technician on duty) and is also covered in more depth elsewhere in this guide.

It is common for venues to “encourage you” to use their in-house Audio Visual provider by charging you a T.O.D. fee, to use anyone else other than in-house provider. (Even if you bring in your own equipment. (see negotiating section for more on this) This is like a corkage fee, it can add up!

Without a doubt, after food  & beverage, the audio visual component is the MOST expensive part of 90% of all indoor events..BE WARNED!

9. Testing & Tagging rules within the venue

It is now common for venues to require all electrical equipment  to be tested and tagged. This goes from musical instruments, sound equipment through to a laptop!!  This is designed to protect their electrical systems from shorts, but it creates a booming business for electricians who will charge you per item, to be tested and tagged.

10. What time do we have venue access?

If your having a dinner, make sure there is enough time to load in prior to your event commencing.  Do you have time to bump in your event theme decor and styling?

11. What atmosphere will the venue create? Can you breath?

The room sets the tone for the overall atmosphere. Make sure it suits your event