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About Instinct

Find Fun Fast

Entertainment for Events

We’re happy to let our work do the talking..

  • Game of Thrones Event Theme

  • Rio Carnival Brazilian Theme Events for Crown VIP Events

  • Vintage Circus Event Theme

  • Virtuoso Symposium Gala | Emerald City

Entertainment Agency & Corporate Events

We are a fully integrated Entertainment Agency & Event Management Company.
One company, with expertise in both – all under one roof!

Our integrated approach and innate understanding of both disciplines allows us to deliver real results for clients,
whether we’re providing entertainment or event management services , or both

So what’s mean for you? 

It Means We Get Guests Buzzing About Your Events.

How do we do that?

 By crafting outstanding events & providing the best entertainment for events.
We leave guests inspired, captivated & walking away with a positive association with your event or company.
We know if your guests are not talking about your event the next day, we didn’t do our job properly!

Never Stop Having Fun

We are made with love.
Musicians & music lovers, artists, dancers,  cinematographers, event managers, marketers, peeps who sing in the car, photographers, directors, designers, producers, coffee lovers and many committed to late nights.    

We love what we do and would love to do it for you!
We are the Instinct Family
Entertainment Agency & Event Management
We help our clients to Find Fun Fast with the right entertainment for events.

We only employ people we like to work with

Our philosophy is simple. If we like working with someone, chances are you will too.
That’s why, along with their proven talent, we look for bright, enthusiastic and happy people who’ll add the same energy to our clients business as they do ours.
It’s perhaps the reason so many of our clients and staff have been wiht us so long.


What you get working with us

Outstanding Service from a team who love what we do, and we’ve been doing it for over 20 years now!
Australia’s Best Entertainment Agency …Nothing less.
Confidence working with a team who have delivered over 25000 events & entertained over 30 million Australians.
More time with your team, guests or clients as we ensure the event delivery is seamless.

We have over 3000 entertainers trusting us to represent them and it’s our job to match to the the client and event.
Some clients are hard to impress. We like that! Tell us what challenges you’re facing & give us a chance to blow you away!

Why are we credible?

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, major public events, sporting events, government, charity gala’s, awards nights, family daysfestivals and brand activations. We have the team and experience to deliver your event or provide outstanding entertainment across Australia & abroad.

You can tell a lot about a business by the company it keeps

Our Values

Give to receive

We give you talent, experience, knowledge and commitment to excellence.
We make time to listen and commit to responding quickly.
“We care about what you want while being bold enough to tell you what we think you need, based on our experience.”  We will give you the truth.

Walk the talk

If we say we will get it done, we do it.
If we say you’ll have it on time, you will.
We own our results and take responsibility for our outcomes.

Relationships based on value

We want long term relationships, more than networks.
We know 20 good relationships are worth more than 20,000 Facebook friends.
We build long term relationships by creating value for our customers.
We believe everyone can succeed and always look for a win-win result.

Being different is great.  Making a difference is better!

We are committed to making the world a better place. We donate a percentage of all profits to people in need. Working together with our clients and suppliers we are having real impact in a meaningful way.

So.. what can we do for you?

Instinct – Corporate Entertainment Agency who gets Events

Our acts include a wide range of styles and genres. We have a selection of live performers to suit any occasion or budget. We’re an entertainment agency with a difference. We have the perfect entertainment for events.

We are proud of our professional hands on approach and personal service. Working closely with our clients to fit the perfect entertainment or specific artist to our clients’ unique event needs.


Event Management & Event Production Services



        Other Creative stuff we can do for you

        We figured, let’s keep serving our clients. We love them and the more we offer the more we get to hang out and solve problems and create cool things. We provide more than just entertainment for events. From Video to marketing strategies, graphic design to brand activations. Check out our suite of services and see what else we can offer you.
        Feel free to contact one of our booking agency’s friendly consultants. We are happy to discuss your individual entertainment requirements. Our aim is to provide a professional and pleasant experience.Create a stress free event. Contact us or Call 1300 881 611.

        The types of events we work on