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DJs, Disc Jockeys, or DJ's for hire can be found here. Corporate DJs, Wedding DJs. DJ's for corporate events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Australia wide.  Save the Djs you like to your personal wish list*. Listen. Read. View. Watch. Enjoy.

What is a DJ

DJs or disc jockey’s (sounds like deejay) is a person who plays a mix of recorded music for an audience. This can be on either a radio, television or an Internet based audience. It can be broadcast over the airwaves or via another medium (e.g., cable television or online) or performed to a live audience in a venue such as a bar, nightclub or dance club or at a live event

Ever since the invention of radio there has been a need for a DJ for hire to expertly play one record after the other. Sometimes seamlessly blending the two with the use of a mixing console, other times punctuated with speech or news breaks. Sounds easy enough, but is it really? How do you know what is played will work?

Dj disck jock dj for hire australia

Why are DJ’s good for events

A DJ brings atmosphere, vibe, music for an affordable price. They bring the flexibility of ANY MUSIC YOU WANT to an event (basically a human IPOD) combined with the ability to take requests, read a crowd and change music to suit the changing dynamics of the event.

A huge number of events use DJs. From weddings and parties, Awards to extravagant cocktail parties. DJs can perform stings for awards nights, and  still give those who see the night out time on the dance floor. DJs provide “rev it up” music for conferences. Corporate and public events, in-store retail promotions all use DJs to deliver music at suitable volume and vibe to the person playing it.

They have been a staple of the backyard birthday for years, and will be for years to come.

“Djs today are like the rock stars of the 70s”

Affordable Event Entertainment

A DJ is the most cost effective way of obtaining music and sound system for small events. They often remove the need to engage an Audio visual company for a small event. At the same time, they have the ability to play ANY MUSIC YOU WANT.  The choice that goes with the digital medium carries a big “Event Payload”.

The flexibility of having DJ’s works for event managers and guests alike for many smaller events (especially those that are budget conscious)

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Djs with live musicians savannah club

DJ’s with live musicians

With the broadening acceptance of Digital based music, the “cover band” landscape has shifted to Hybrid bands. DJ’s with live musicians such as vocalists, sax players, percussionists and guitarists have moved into the “corporate event” and “party entertianment” space en-masse.

Djs with live musicians of the added benefit of a changing line up as the event progresses,. The DJ can provide any music you like during the breaks between the live sets.  Some DFj acts (such has Savannah Club) offer live jazz on arrival (Guitar, trumpet vocals) and them move into fully live dance music. While the DJ drives the beats and soundscape, live sax players, percussionist, vocalists and guitar chip in to create the live band experience.

Headline DJ Performances

Headline Djs are recording artists in their own right. They have followings and command huge fees for performances. The are the “Rock Stars ” of the 21st century. As time moves on, more and more of your target audience will have grown up listening to dance music, or been exposed to dj music, over and above live music.

As demand grows, they can charge and earn huge money for performing at Dance Parties, Raves, “Doofs” and Festivals. Headline DJs are often on the next flight to another country for an amazing party!!

Some still use the “old skool” turn table and vinyl, whilst others are fully digital.

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“Never trust a DJ who can’t dance.” A Guy Called Gerald

Wedding dj for hire- wedding dj melbourne-wedding dj sydney

“Find a DJ you can talk to before the wedding or event,  it helps” – Rich Sayer

Looking for a wedding DJ?

So you’re looking for a wedding DJ and you’re not sure where to start? Finding a good DJ for hire can be daunting. Not to mention if it’s for the biggest day of your life! You have too many other things to think about, some important, some seemingly less so!  You’re thinking about dresses, flowers, cakes, guest lists. Not to mention the horrid thought of seating, what if Glenda sits next to Lorraine? She’s going to bite her head off over what Lorraine said about the lemon tart at Christmas. That won’t do!

You need to save time, and not worry about sifting through every DJ for hire Melbourne has.

How to select your wedding DJ

There are so many DJs for hire you need to know you’re right. Your wedding DJ should be professional, courteous and exactly what you want. They should have all of your favourite songs. Do they bring all of their equipment? They should! You shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what’s important.

Your big day is special and if you are paying for the services of a wedding DJ you’re going to expect it to be perfect! You want people leaving with sore feet, maybe a sore head in the morning but not sore memories!

Wedding Djs in tandem

“I like mindless disco… they say the lyrics are stupid and repetitious. So what’s wrong with that? So is lying in the sun. Not everything has to be serious.”LOU REED