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DJs, Disc Jockeys, or DJ's for hire can be found here. Corporate DJs, Wedding DJs. DJ's for corporate events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Australia wide.  Save the Djs you like to your personal wish list*. Listen. Read. View. Watch. Enjoy.

What is a DJ

DJs or disc jockey’s (sounds like deejay) is a person who plays a mix of recorded music for an audience. This can be on either a radio, television or an Internet based audience. It can be broadcast over the airwaves or via another medium (e.g., cable television or online) or performed to a live audience in a venue such as a bar, nightclub or dance club or at a live event

Ever since the invention of radio there has been a need for a DJ for hire to expertly play one record after the other. Sometimes seamlessly blending the two with the use of a mixing console, other times punctuated with speech or news breaks. Sounds easy enough, but is it really? How do you know what is played will work?

Dj disck jock dj for hire australia

Why are DJ’s good for events

A DJ brings atmosphere, vibe, music for an affordable price. They bring the flexibility of ANY MUSIC YOU WANT to an event (basically a human IPOD) combined with the ability to take requests, read a crowd and change music to suit the changing dynamics of the event.

A huge number of events use DJs. From weddings and parties, Awards to extravagant cocktail parties. DJs can perform stings for awards nights, and  still give those who see the night out time on the dance floor. DJs provide “rev it up” music for conferences. Corporate and public events, in-store retail promotions all use DJs to deliver music at suitable volume and vibe to the person playing it.

They have been a staple of the backyard birthday for years, and will be for years to come.

“Djs today are like the rock stars of the 70s”

Affordable Event Entertainment

A DJ is the most cost effective way of obtaining music and sound system for small events. They often remove the need to engage an Audio visual company for a small event. At the same time, they have the ability to play ANY MUSIC YOU WANT.  The choice that goes with the digital medium carries a big “Event Payload”.

The flexibility of having DJ’s works for event managers and guests alike for many smaller events (especially those that are budget conscious)

Dj hire for events -djs australia for hire

Djs with live musicians savannah club

DJ’s with live musicians

With the broadening acceptance of Digital based music, the “cover band” landscape has shifted to Hybrid bands. DJ’s with live musicians such as vocalists, sax players, percussionists and guitarists have moved into the “corporate event” and “party entertianment” space en-masse.

Djs with live musicians of the added benefit of a changing line up as the event progresses,. The DJ can provide any music you like during the breaks between the live sets.  Some DFj acts (such has Savannah Club) offer live jazz on arrival (Guitar, trumpet vocals) and them move into fully live dance music. While the DJ drives the beats and soundscape, live sax players, percussionist, vocalists and guitar chip in to create the live band experience.

Headline DJ Performances

Headline Djs are recording artists in their own right. They have followings and command huge fees for performances. The are the “Rock Stars ” of the 21st century. As time moves on, more and more of your target audience will have grown up listening to dance music, or been exposed to dj music, over and above live music.

As demand grows, they can charge and earn huge money for performing at Dance Parties, Raves, “Doofs” and Festivals. Headline DJs are often on the next flight to another country for an amazing party!!

Some still use the “old skool” turn table and vinyl, whilst others are fully digital.

Dj turntable vinyl dj sdisk jock djs -2

“Never trust a DJ who can’t dance.” A Guy Called Gerald

Wedding dj for hire- wedding dj melbourne-wedding dj sydney

“Find a DJ you can talk to before the wedding or event,  it helps” – Rich Sayer

Looking for a wedding DJ?

So you’re looking for a wedding DJ and you’re not sure where to start? Finding a good DJ for hire can be daunting. Not to mention if it’s for the biggest day of your life! You have too many other things to think about, some important, some seemingly less so!  You’re thinking about dresses, flowers, cakes, guest lists. Not to mention the horrid thought of seating, what if Glenda sits next to Lorraine? She’s going to bite her head off over what Lorraine said about the lemon tart at Christmas. That won’t do!

You need to save time, and not worry about sifting through every DJ for hire Melbourne has.

How to select your wedding DJ

There are so many DJs for hire you need to know you’re right. Your wedding DJ should be professional, courteous and exactly what you want. They should have all of your favourite songs. Do they bring all of their equipment? They should! You shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what’s important.

Your big day is special and if you are paying for the services of a wedding DJ you’re going to expect it to be perfect! You want people leaving with sore feet, maybe a sore head in the morning but not sore memories!

Wedding Djs in tandem

“I like mindless disco… they say the lyrics are stupid and repetitious. So what’s wrong with that? So is lying in the sun. Not everything has to be serious.”LOU REED


“DJs are the new rock stars.” – TIESTO


The best wedding DJ Melbourne has to offer!

It’s not as easy as simply pushing play (as many think). A good DJ must have an excellent selection, know which music works well with the previous and following track… and be able to tie it all together with mixing skills.

You know what we’re going to say, we have the best wedding DJ Melbourne has.

It’s a fact. Our DJs in Melbourne bring you personalised playlists, all equipment, tasteful lighting, a microphone to embarrass you with make those all important speeches. Not to mention a consultation with our specialist DJ manager to make sure your wedding DJ has all the information they need.

Have you ever been to a club or listening to the radio where you’re really getting into the tunes but no one else is? Perhaps it’s been the other way around? Our DJs are the best DJs Melbourne can provide and guarantee everyone is grooving!

Even if you still don’t understand, trust me, you will know a bad mix! It hurts your ears. People cringe. These are NOT things you want on your big day! Our wedding DJ experts are experienced and trustworthy. Don’t make the mistake of hiring an amateur, or even worse a family friend! You have to be careful with those, not everyone with a set of decks can mix (or have the right music for you!).

We eat this kind of thing for breakfast. Call us and find out how easy it can be.

How do I go about DJ hire Melbourne style?

DJs in Melbourne are a penny a pound. Hiring one is so easy it hurts, but hiring a good one is tricky. Would you risk it with an newbie, or unknown agency? Are you having second thoughts about doing this yourself? First you have to ask what kind of DJ you want, then what kinds of DJ Melbourne can offer you.

Now that electronic music is peaking in popularity (and growing every day), it is common to walk into a bedroom or lounge room and see decks (a DJ mixing console). These come in many forms like DJ Controllers (which are hooked to a laptop), CDJ or CD players, and the classic turntables (still popular among Melbourne DJs).

More and more Melbourne DJs (as with others) are turning to digital formats, and it is now a rarity for actual vinyl records to be played as we used to know. Many turntables are hooked into controller software, and the record being played is actually a time-code that tells the software what to do! But who cares about that? We do. Our DJs know this business inside out.

Are you looking for a Club DJ or an all rounder? Don’t make the mistake of engaging the wrong DJ for hire. You will regret it (it’s easy to do!). Our Melbourne DJ hire experts will match you with the perfect DJ for your event.


“The music is just like Detroit, a complete mistake. It’s like George Clinton and Kraftwerk are stuck in an elevator with only a sequencer to keep them company.” – DERRICK MAY

DJ Marrs

What’s so good about Melbourne DJs?

You might not know this, but we are world-renown for our dance music. We were long ago crowned the “techno capital of Australia”. That title stands and now with the advent of “Melbourne Bounce” we have forged our own unique sound.

We are especially prominent in the Hip-Hop community too, and many Melbourne DJs draw big crowds playing rock records in bars city-wide. The now defunct Obese records lived right around the corner from Instinct in Prahran! We know our music and our DJs, and our DJs know their music more so. Finding the best DJ hire Melbourne can provide can be tricky though, as many of these DJs are busy with their own residencies (or simply not worth it). Let us take the work out of it and have a chat with our Melbourne DJ hire team.

Are you looking for dance music? RnB? Hip Hop? Top 40? Retro? Tell us about it, if you want a specific DJ we can get them for you. We have the most professional corporate, private and wedding DJs Melbourne can offer.

Who are the best DJs Melbourne has to offer?

DJ Kool Herc in 70’s The Bronx was an innovator. He pioneered a movement that resurrected a neighbourhood in crisis through music. Together with DJs like Afrika Bambataa, Grandmaster Flash, and many others they created a new scene. This scene coined the term Hip-Hop, as Kool Herc was the first known to hip and hop back and forth cutting between records, blending breaks and beats seamlessly. Dancefloors caught fire and the blaze spread worldwide.

The sheer technical skill involved to manipulate vinyl records on turntables and a mixer had never been seen before. These skills are prevalent to the scene, but at it’s core lies the vibe. Energy is key for any DJ. You can break all the rules in the musical book as a DJ, as long as you don’t lose that vibe.

DJs in Melbourne know this. Our scene ranges from Hip Hop, house, EDM, Bangers, to your Top 40 and retro crowd and everything in between. Finding the right DJ (even wedding DJ) means to know your goals and to trust them to deliver the rest. Go with your Instinct!

Don’t make the mistake of going with a family friend because they are cheap. Experience and knowledge is priceless. A common term in the DJ world when things are going terribly is “train wreck”. You’d know it if you heard it, and the worst train wrecks are the slow burning long and drawn out ones. These aren’t localised to one transition between songs, they are the result of a poor choice of DJ for hire. They last the whole night. They are an inability of your hire DJ to read the room and respond accordingly!



DJ Kate

Where do you find a DJ Melbourne based?

 After the disco revolution of the 70’s, in the 80’s dance music changed. Thanks mostly to some futurist Europeans in the 70’s (Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder among others) synthesisers, tape loops and drum machines arose form the edges of technology. Replacing the typical 4×4 bass drum of disco with mechanical looping allowed for a more synchronised timing. Incorporating futuristic, spacey synthesiser sounds allowed for a completely new sound. DJ’s in Detroit began making music with brutally synthetic drum machines (the Roland TR-808 and 909s) rough-as-guts samplers and cast-off bass sequencers (the now famous Roland TB-303). House music was born.

Nowadays there are myriad types of dance music and DJ such as House, Trance, EDM, RnB all the way through to the humble wedding DJ. Each requires it’s own area of expertise, it’s own knowledge of record labels, catalogues, releases, BPMs, keys and how to transition between them.

Not to mention the equipment, you have to know your way around a mixer and the decks! What about a sound system? Who’s providing that? Is transport for your DJ hire Melbourne wide? How big of a system do you need? Does the venue support it.

You have already found the best DJ hire Melbourne offers right here. Why are you even reading this just call us or send us an email we’ll sort it out. You’ve stressed out too much already! Leave this bit to us. Ask us as many questions as you can think of, we have answers.

Do you have a specific list of songs you want played? Easy. Do you want to sit down and really iron out your timing and run sheet? ASK US!!

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”  FRIEDRICH NIETZCHE

DJ hire Sydney would be proud of

Once leaders of the party scene, finding the right DJ hire Sydney style can be confronting. Now with the advent of some rather difficult lock out laws, the nightlife is being slowly muted in what is arguably Australia’s beachiest capital city.

This obviously means that unfortunately that many of the DJs Sydney harbours (pardon the pun) are now out of work. The upside is this means they’re more likely to be available for your event! But how do you know that these DJs Sydney has are for you? Consult an expert. We have been booking DJs for hire Sydney wide for over a decade.

Maybe you are looking for celebrity DJs in Sydney like Didier Cohen, Alex Dimitriades or Ruby Rose. Maybe you want someone a bigger headliner like Will Sparks, Havana Brown, or DJ Tigerlily. We can even help if you’re after a local club regular for a backyard rave!

Maybe a DJ isn’t enough for your brief and you’re looking at adding a saxophone, maybe some vocals or percussion? We have groups that will blow your audiences away. Is electro swing your thing? Maybe you want some housey jazz, or funk and R’n’B numbers. DJ Combination groups are increasing in popularity and we know heaps of them!




“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” – BOB MARLEY

The most professional DJ Sydney can provide!

We are the clear choice for DJ Hire Sydney wide for a number of reasons. We have access to the best DJs Sydney has on offer, we have experts to find the right DJs in Sydney for you, and we can get them to you for the right price.

It’s end of year party time, and rather than spending big on a group to play versions of other people’s songs you’re going to want to hear your favourite tunes! Every DJ Sydney has is one step away from you, and that step takes you here to us at Instinct. We love music, we know music, and our DJs in Sydney do even more so!

Have you ever been to a party and been hit in the face with a wall of bleak, totally unsuitable music. Tucked away in the corner is a poorly dressed, scruffy person whose face reflects your immediate impression. The guests are stuck to the walls and chairs of the room and no one is having a good time. The bar is the only salvation. This is a desperate situation that NO ONE wants to have to deal with as a guest or a party organiser.

Somebody didn’t do their research, or decided to go out on their own and hire a DJ direct. Our professional entertainment experts will match you with the perfect option; all whom DJ Sydney wide and have vast experience in any crowd. Sometimes it’s just as easy as asking a few questions, but it mainly comes down to the night. You can’t always predict how a room will feel or how people will react. Our DJs Sydney wide will adapt and propel your party into the stratosphere!

The best DJs Sydney has are right here!

Finding the most popular DJ? Not too hard. Finding the most expensive DJ? Same thing if you have the cash. Finding the right DJ for your event? Now that’s tricky. Going with the hottest DJ of the year doesn’t mean success for your event. They might be on top of the charts and costing you $70 000, but that doesn’t mean everyone will enjoy them.

Time after time people look for and find the wrong DJ without even knowing they’re not right. I can safely assure you that it’s time to wake up, smell the coffee and rest assured that we are the experts on DJ hire Sydney! Sometimes the best option is a classic record collector, an open minded individual who knows and loves all varieties of music. They know people and know what to look for. Dancing isn’t always as important as the right tune and the right environment.

Having said all of that, it’s not much good if this person doesn’t have any equipment, or worse still the wrong equipment. This can be what happens if you choose to opt for the family friend option. Have you considered what your venue’s requirements are? They will likely need Public Liability Insurance and tested/tagged electrical equipment. Unless your family friend is a professional DJ already then this isn’t likely.

If you’re concerned your DJ for hire won’t have the right music, don’t be! We will literally play anything you want. If we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you. Not many DJs will tell you this. Especially aspiring club DJs (don’t get me started, precious much?). The issues you’ll face with club DJs is a limited selection of music (more tailored to their career and image) and a lack of willingness to play for longer than an hour or two. Then there’s the equipment issue or lack thereof. Don’t risk it!

Get the DJ Sydney needs, get the DJ Sydney deserves, but moreover get the DJ YOU deserve for your event. Go professional, listen to your Instinct.


“Good music can be like the pyramids, impressive, breathtaking, emotionally captivating. However, a good hire DJ for an event can be a lot like good makeup. If it’s done well, sometimes people won’t even notice.” – SAM GREGORY

Dj kate -corporate dj

dj versus live music- live bands- liveband-live musicians

Looking for a DJ for hire?

Do you need a Wedding DJ, a corporate DJ, a 1hr set of funky deep house or a 20 minute DMC-worthy Hip Hop routine? Knowing the difference between what you want and what you need is a struggle we live with on a daily basis. I am reminded of last night in the confectionary isle. The struggle is real. DJs in Melbourne and DJs in Sydney, heck DJs everywhere should know what they’re about and what they’re suited to. Almost all the time the not-so-professional types will agree to anything, and everything they shouldn’t.

You’ll inevitably get yesses from DJs who should have said no, if you don’t know what you need. These DJs for hire just want your money, they don’t care about much else. They’ll fake it, they’ll bring low quality ripped MP3s and poor equipment (or none at all!). They will turn up late or be embarrassingly drunk or obnoxious. They’ll also probably be terrible at DJing all together.

Of all the DJs in Sydney, finding the right solution can be like finding a stylus in a haystack. I literally just high fived myself for that pun. I should write about how to find a DJ for weddings or something.

The question remains, who is the best DJ Sydney based, for your event? How do you know what you want? Start thinking like this; It’s two weeks after your event. Your memories of watching Glenn from accounts smashing the Harlem Shake on the dancefloor have earned him a trophy from the CEO. Receptionist Marlene’s endless requests for the Macarena had everyone in stitches (but your DJ only tastefully played it once, success!). Gareth from IT is a metal head through and through but walked out with a smile as wide as his anime collection. Not because he heard any Dimmu Borgir (it’s not likely we would ever subject you to that) but because he had a good time. Why did all of this happen? Was it the h’or d’oeuvres? Nope. Was it the security? Most likely not. Was it the awards presentations or the speeches? Yours was particularly amazing of course, but no.

The music for was the key underlying element in the vibe of the evening. Gareth didn’t even dance, he sat and talked and laughed with new people he hadn’t met before. Why? Everyone else was having a good time. The music contributed to the vibe and the atmosphere. That’s a good party DJ.

Good music can be like the pyramids, impressive, breathtaking, emotionally captivating. However, a good hire DJ for an event can be a lot like good makeup. If it’s done well, sometimes people won’t even notice. They will carry about their night having a good time, because everyone else is. This is why we’re experts. Don’t waste your time with amateur DJs for hire, ask us what to do before you hire a DJ, drop us a line now and see how we can turn your event into a complete success.

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