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Australian Ballet Wonderland

Australian Ballet | Wonderland

Corporate Event theme – Alice in Wonderland

2017 brought a new chapter to Australian Ballet as they brought out the truly wonderful production of Alice in Wonderland Ballet to Melbourne.

Complete with amazing sets, music and choreography the ballet is both breath taking and transformational. I could not help but think this ballet will be the front door to ballet for thousands of children moving forward. Much like “the nutcracker” has been a gateway into the arts form for many others.

In order to celebrate this commission, Australian Ballet decided to throw party after opening night for the dancers, musicians administrators and of course the VIPS and benefactors who contribute to the arts.

Australian Ballet | Wonderland Theme

Australian Ballet | Wonderland Theme | White Rabbit

Australian Ballet | Wonderland Theme

Australian Ballet | Wonderland Theme

Corporate Event Theme – Create the Space

Australian Ballet engaged instinct to create the room styling as well as providing some light entertainment to help with this party.

Working on a budget instinct brought in an array of items, to create the wonderland effect, without blowing the budget. This included:

  • Checked dance floor
  • Topiary and hedges
  • Pink flamingos
  • Giant chess pieces
  • Giant playing cards and more

Australian Ballet | Wonderland Theme

Wonderland Entertainment

Given the nature of the event was a short 2 hour cocktail party it was decided to shift most of the budget to styling, however a cool female DJ as engaged dressed as Alice (DJ Emma) as well as the irreplaceable WHITE RABBIT.

White Rabbit takes 4 hours to create with theatrical makeup and prosthetics, and had everyone engaged and laughing throughout the night.

Providing the perfect “look” for selfies, Rabbit was run-in late for a very important date for most of the night.

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