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Planning an 18th birthday


7 tips to planning an 18th Birthday Party
(and making sure you don’t embarrass them!)

Need a hand with ideas or entertainment?  This is a significant one, the Coming of age, an adult!   It is often the last party Children spend with friends and family, as they begin to grow into their adult lives.

1. Pick a theme

If you don’t have a specific theme, the theme will become drinking (a lot) and then we know what comes next!

2. Plan the date

This should be around the real birthday, but not absolutely necessary.  Try  friday night or weekend as generally there may be some adult consumption that  makes the next day tough

calendar-schedule-plan a date

3. Book your venue

Make it central and easy to get to for all guests. If it is your home, be prepared for chaos!  The up side is you don’t have to drive and you get to keep on eye on ALL the activities. If it is in an outside venue, think about the food and beverage packages. Are you buying drinks all night ? will the venue allow for payment on consumption or must you prepay ?

Learn more about venue selection here.

4. Invitation lists

Decide who you are inviting, and if there is friends only friends and family or free of older adults, so the 18 year olds can “let down their hair”

Make sure you get RSVP’s for confirmed attendees at least 7 days prior to the party.

add a section for food allergies on RSVP so you know what you are dealing with

5. Feed ‘em

Be mindful of food allergies, make it easy, finger food is best, balance between healthy and fun (chips are fun, just a fact of life!)

chips are fun-fried-food

6. Decorate the room

Its a child’s birthday, the room should be fun, colourful!.. Hang on, at 18 they become and adult.. hmmm… best go for cool instead of colourful!

7. Entertain them

You have to get them to move, MUSIC is critical, so a DJ or live cover band is great.

Dance the night away, and remember to take photos & video. They only turn into an adult once, capture it!