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Metricon Family Day

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Metricon Family Day

This event was the inaugural Metricon Family Day and was driven by opportunity for management to thank all staff by inviting them and their family for a day of food and fun! This event also doubled up as the end of year event for 2010. The brief was to create an engaging atmosphere, full of fun and activities for the kids, and adults alike. Once the venue was selected (for its family friendly atmosphere) a ‘Royal Show’ theme was then created by way of rides, amusements, roving acts, kids acts, races with prizes, live music and fantastic food.

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Metricon Family Day goes country

Chesterfield farm was chosen a suitable event, being affordable, and located in close proximity to the Metricon head office. This was a family friendly environment and the days was entirely structured around a relaxed day.  The food was exceptional, providing a balance to the relaxed atmosphere the venue created.

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Instinct delivered event management services including:

  • Sourcing a suitable venue
  • Sourcing catering (including brunch, lunch and afternoon tea)
  • All rubbish removal
  • All marquees and weather protection
  • Hire furniture for 1000 guests
  • Hire of all rides and amusements
  • Event Theme props
  • Traffic managment
  • Reception, wrist bands and access control
  • Portable toilets
  • Event First Aid
  • Site management
  • Site rectification

Talent supplied was: