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Looking for Awards Night Theme Ideas?

Looking for Awards Night Theme Ideas

Looking for Awards Night Theme Ideas?

It’s no longer fairy tales that event themes help to increase audience participation in an event while also reinforcing a business brand. However, finding that perfect theme that aligns with your budget is almost as hard as finding an appropriate attire to wear on a blind date. Well, you’ll obviously get many awards night theme ideas out there but the problem will normally arise when it comes to spending!

Fortunately, with careful planning and precise imaging of what you want, you can pull a stunning theme for your award event without necessarily breaking your bank!

Here’s how…

Begin with the theme

The first step to staying within your theme budget is thinking about it critically. As such, determine the type of look you want to create and how easy it will fit in your budget. Some of the themes you hear about are just great on the paper; however, once you try to incorporate them into your event fully then be sure you’ll end up spending a fortune. For example, the Vegas theme will go well with your event if you have appropriate tables, highly skilled staff, and elegant decorations. But when you have a couple of not-so-great tables, and Uncle Steve with his ladder is all the experience and expertise you got, your event will possibly end up looking like a bachelors’ after party! For this reason, it’s important to brainstorm event theme ideas during the very early stages of planning so that you can stick to a particular one that you know its exact cost.

Pick the right venue

Try to select a place that has a neutral interior which won’t conflict with your plan. This means going for a theme that rhymes well with your set decoration and style. If you intend to bring lighting, sounds, or props to your ceremony, it’s crucial that you first determine if the venue has enough space and technical ability to allow these functions. If you are required to dig deeper into your pocket for extra power for lighting, for example, then you might want to reconsider the venue.

It’s also imperative to ask about what the venue allows in concerning decorations for various set ups. Many venues may have these kinds of restrictions which is why you need to know well before you can unleash your decoration plans.

Try to keep it simple

This may sound surprising but keeping your theme simple, right from table decoration and colour scheme to food and wall décor, is what will probably catch the eye of most of your attendees. As such, if you have a small budget, think about modest but innovative ways of adding a sparkle to your theme. One inexpensive way of creating a perfect ambiance and adding colour is through lighting. Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of unique and creative ideas on the internet and as such, it will just take a few hours to research and get informed before you can spend your hard-earned cash.

Involve your guests

One of the most efficient and straightforward ways of spicing up your event theme is to ask the attendees to get involved. As such, consider asking your guest to base their attires around the awards night event theme, whether it is Retro, Back to School, or the classic themes of the 1920’s. A room filled with ladies and gents with themed outfits can make a pretty huge impression than an expensively themed room or extravagant table centre pieces.

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