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Technical Production & Management

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Technical Production & Management

We understand technical production can be daunting.  On top of everything else you have to arrange, you need to have some understanding of “what’s what” on the technical front now!

The complexity of Audio Visual equipment and technicians on an event, varying according to size and scope of the event and of course, the events nature.


This may include audio, lighting, slides, video projection, autocue, electricians, camera operators, rigging specialists, carpenters, spotlight operators, lighting designers and operators, stagehands, audio and projection specialists and more.

These specialists need to work together in harmony. Technical Production Management is about making this happen. Having a background in entertainment, having a good sound & look is critical to us.

technical production for conferences

Technical Production for Conferences

Conferences can be technically demanding. Multiple screens & camera feeds switching from slides to video and back to slides. Loads of different speakers and presenters, cordless microphones, lecterns, music changes. Boy, it can get hectic.

Instinct can over see technical production for conferences , along with video production, graphics & multi-mediaevent management and stage management.

Technical Production for Awards Nights

Awards often require more production than a simple party. There is usually screen technology involved, allowing the nominees and winner to be recognised on the big screen.  For larger events, a live camera feeds are often used to screen is preferable.


technical production for awards
Company Awards Night - Suncorp 6 - Pearly Shells

Technical Production for Gala Dinners

The gala dinner is the night of nights. The technical production should reflect the stature of the event. Sound, lighting, screen content, should all work together to enhance the guests experience. Entertainers should be free to perform, with the backing of excellent technology.

Technical Production for Launches

You need your message to be seen and heard. Product launches or building launches often have presentations, video content, sound and lighting.

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Technical Production for Roadshows