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Graphics & Multi-Media Design

 Graphics & Multi-Media Design

As mentioned elsewhere in the services sections, creativity is core to all we do at Instinct.  How we represent your brand is of critical important to us.    What is seen can be more important as what is heard – (unless of course you are the bands guitarist, during a lead break – ‘cause they will always beg to differ!)

When it comes to marketing and events, we understand every detail counts, and effects your overall brand positioning.  The invitations the guests receive. How they look, how good is the print quality, and most importantly, what emotional response will they create in the recipient. Menus on the table, table seating arrangement should all match the style of the event theme

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Graphics & multi media organse chair-work-drawing


On arrival to an event, the style and design on the media wall not only creates a  “red carpet” moment, it also delivers a clear brand marketing message to all who are in attendance.   With the advent of digital technologies, more and more events require stylish screen content, motion graphics and presentation formatting.

Creating teaser videos, television advertisements, web marketing videos or in-store sales videos generally utilises a range of graphics facilities available through Instinct. We also lend our hand to presentation formatting and many other forms of graphic design as required

Graphics and design are everywhere. It is often seen and felt but not acknowledged. Look at this website for instance. It didn’t happen by mistake. A great deal of thought has gone into the layout, graphics and multi-media functionality to make it a more pleasant experience for you! (we do hope you enjoy it)

Instinct has a range of graphics services including (but not limited to)