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Concept Creation & Development

Concept creation

Finding creative ways to help our clients make the world better

Concept creation & creativity is at the core of all we do.  As a company, Instinct is made up of creatives, musicians, artists, poets, creative directors, videographers, marketers, dancers, lovers of late nights and those committed to caffeine. Everything we undertake starts with a creative concept.

Finding the right entertainment for your event requires a creative approach. It’s about understanding your needs and wants, as well as those of your guests, clients or team.  Creating event’s to exceed your expectations and objectives, time after time, takes a lot of creative conceptualisation.

We are not just event managers, we are event creators.  We don’t just dish up the same event over and over to every new client.  That would be easy.. but seriously boring for all concerned.

Our suite of creative services are there to enhance your brand, and ensure your product or service is represented in the market place in a way you are proud of. From decor & styling, graphics & multi-media, videography & photography. We care about what is said and the way it looks and feels to your target audience, guests or staff.

out of thee box thinking

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Creating a TV commercial, in-store video or web marketing strategy for your brand or business takes a higher level of conceptual creativity.

It means getting to understand you, your products and services and incorporating your Brand & Marketing strategies before we enter the concept creation stage. Concept creation requires us to have a clear understanding about you.  It also often requires thinking “outside of the box”.

We know you don’t care about what we do, until you understand how much we care about you,
your brand, your team, your customers.  Creative concept development is about helping you to make the world a better place, doing what you do. 

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Our suit of creative services include (but are not limited to)