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 Styling & Set Design

When you think of styling and set design, you may think of a movie set or somewhere performances are “staged”. Like in a hollywood studio, creating any “set” you want or need based on your creative concept or event theme.

Events are real.  Although often you want the result to be and feel “unreal” for the guests, you still have a stage and a set to design.

Generality you want set design and styling to incorporate your overall theme or creative concept.  They should be beautiful, elegant and support your overall brand positioning in the market.

A good event manager should tie all the elements of the event together.

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Styling the Stage- the main set

As the stage is a central place of focus for the duration of your event, the set design and styling should be functional and attractive. It has to work.  No point in designing something amazing, that doesn’t allow performers to come on or off with ease. The Stage manager will kill you if you do that.

The stage set should not exist in isolation to the entire room. It should work in with your selection of Decor & Theming, to bring to life the  event theme and event design.

With the advent of digital technology, 3D visual mapping and amazing advancements in projection systems, your set design should incorporate your screen content, lighting, the audience and the entire space. This  creates a holistic look and feel, engaging and holding the audiences attention for the duration of the event.

When thinking about styling don’t forget to think about all areas of the guests experience. This would include the pre-function area, the main room, break out areas and of course the main stage. The Styling of the “stage set” should compliment the table  centre pieces and draw attention to the focal point- either lectern for speakers or performance areas.

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Instinct has a suite of set design & styling services including

  • Stage Backdrop selection
  • Draping, prints and wall treatments
  • Florals Podium pieces
  • Physical set construction
  • Media Wall & dressing
  • Custom design & manufacturing of stage set (and matching centre pieces)
  • Screen content & video creation for styling

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Styling and set design 7

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