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Adore has great versatility in vocal technique which makes it easy for them to cover different genres including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical and R’n’B.

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    Classic Covers, Cover Bands, Funk Bands, Live Music, Rock Bands, TOP 40
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    2-7 Performers

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1. JohnMayer:Theheartoflife
2. JohnMayer:Yourbodyiswonderland
3. JohnMayer:Waitingontheworldtochange 4. JohnMayer:Nosuchthing
5. JohnMayer:Stopthistrain

6. Maroon5:Shewillbeloved 7. Maroon5:Sundaymorning

8. JamesMorrison:Yougivesomething 9. JamesMorrison:Thisboy

10.Ben Harper: Diamonds on the inside 11.Ben Harper: Steal my kisses

12.Cold Play: Yellow 13.Cold Play: Clocks

14.Crowded House: Don’t dream it’s over 15.Crowded House: It’s only natural 16.Crowded House: Better be home soon 17.Crowded House: Weather with you

18.Craig David: Walking away 19.Craig David: Rendezvous

20.Marvin Gaye: Sensual healing 21.Marvin Gaye: Let’s get it on 22.Marvin Gaye: What’s going on

23. U2: All I want is you 24.U2: With or without you 25.U2: In a little while 26.U2: One

27.Dave Gray: Be mine 28.Dave Gray: Babylon 29.Dave Gray: Sail away

30.Pete Murray: Opportunity 31.Pete Murray: Beautiful 32.Pete Murray: Feeler

33.Bruno Mars: Marry you
34.Bruno Mars: Just the way you are 35.Bruno Mars: Grenade

36.Bob Marley: Waiting in vain 37.Bob Marley: Redemption song

38.Bob Marley: No woman no cry 39.Bob Marley: Stir it up

40.Damien Rice: The Blower’s daughter 41.Damien Rice: Delicate
42.Damien Rice: Cannon ball

43.Jack Johnson: Better together
44. Jack Johnson: The horizon has been defeated 45.Jack Johnson: Taylor

46. Amos Lee: Arms of a woman 47.Amos Lee: Colours

48.Stevie Wonder: Sunshine of my life 49.Stevie Wonder: Love’s in need

50.Ben Lee: Cigarettes will kill you

51.Angus and Julia Stone: Big jet plane

52. Alex Lloyd: Amazing

53.Cranberries: Linger

54.Taio Cruz: Break your hear 55.Taio Cruz: Dynamite

56.Chris Brown: Forever

57.Al Green: Let’s stay together 58.Gnarls Barkley: Crazy
59.Sugar Ray: When it’s over
60.You am I: Heavy heart
61. David Bowie: As the world falls down 62.Snow Patrol: Chasing cars 63.Benard Fanning: Watch over me 64.Seal: Kiss by a rose
65. Grayson Hugh: Talk it over (in bed)

66.Extreme: More than words

67.John Farnham: Burn for you

68.Maxwell: When ever, where ever, what ever

69.Righteous Brothers: Unchained melody

70.Foo Fighters: Times like these

71.Michael Jackson: Man in the mirror

72. Michael Jackson: The way you make me feel

73.Green Day: Good Riddance

74.Outkast: Hey Ya

75.Lotel: Teenager of the year

76.Usher: Dj got us falling in love again

77.Oasis: Wonderwall

78.Counting Crows: Big yellow taxi

79.Police: Englishman in NY

80.Sonia Dadda: Lover (you don’t treat no good)

81. One Republic: Apologize

82.Incubus: Drive

83.Dido: Thank you

Medley’s & remixes –

84. IZ / Plain White T’s / Train: Over the rainbow/Hey there Delilah/Hey Soul Sister

85. Jack Johnson / Bob Marley / Inner Circle: Taylor/No woman no cry/ Sweat

86.Craig David / U2: Walking away/One
87.The Darkness / KC & JoJo: I believe in a thing called love/All my life



Canberra Cover Band

Adore have been impressing audiences all over the country with their brand of acoustic soul. Steve and Kirrah’s unique blend of harmonies as well as each being established soloists, have set them apart from any other vocal group in the industry.

Their versatility in vocal technique makes it easy for Adore to cover different genres including Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical and R’n’B.


Adore’s reputation is far reaching, and anyone who has enjoyed the intimate setting of the acoustic duo, or the powerhouse Adore’s 6-7 piece live band, will bear witness to this.
Also available as a duo.


Steve and Kirrah were fantastic! Professional and friendly and very accommodating (nothing was a trouble). They were a real delight and we loved their music as well.

Many thanks for recommending them