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Johnny Rollins

His smooth husky voice and charming character is a definite crowd pleaser.

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    Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
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  • Johnny Rollins
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  • Johnny Rollins
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Johnny Rollins

Johnny Rollins is one of Australia’s most exciting vocalists and multi-instrumentalists. He’s also one of the most passionate, admitting, “Music is the only thing I’ve ever really seen myself doing, so every day I get up and pick up my guitar or get out my pad and pen. I try to get into the habit of doing something, so whether it’s recording, writing songs, playing my drums, or heading into the studio, I’m always exercising the music muscle. If I don’t do that, I’d go completely mad. I really need my daily music therapy!


Spending most of his downtime in the seaside town of Ocean Grove, Johnny has the perfect lifestyle to work on his craft. “It’s beautiful here,” he says, “and great place to get away and go for long walks, write music, rehearse and gain inspiration.” It’s also been a great place for the talented singer to work on his upcoming single, ‘High’.

Written by Jon Hume of award-winning band Evermore, ‘High’ is a great indicator of how Johnny has evolved as an artist. He says, “It’s a good representation of where I’m at and where I’ve come from as a musician, and it’s definitely a different spin on what people typically expect to hear from me. I’m veering a little further out from the r’n’b laneway with ‘High’, and it’s got a more catchy, electric pop sound to it.”

Even better, the song is the ultimate soundtrack to summer, and Johnny says, “Living in this great country, we all love it when the sun’s out, and music puts you in a good mood, so if you can have something to accompany that, then you’re winning. Whether you’re hanging at the beach or cruising around the city on a hot day with your crew, I’m hoping that ‘High’ will put you in a great mood!

While ‘High’ is the perfect summer anthem, lyrically it digs deeper to resonate with Johnny’s own personal voyage. He acknowledges, “What I love about this track is that it’s about being stuck in a certain situation, and with the help of your friends or loved ones, finding the courage to keep going. It’s really uplifting.”

Johnny’s career has been a long and varied one, and after initially making a name for himself as an accomplished drummer, playing in psychedelic rock groups or funky blues and roots bands, he finally discovered his voice at the age of 20. Since then, he’s been working hard to realise his dreams, and he admits, “My music journey has been a good one, but it’s been a decade of trying to get where I really want to be, and with the support of so many amazing people along the way, I finally feel like I’ve reached that place.”

With the release of ‘High’, Johnny Rollins is content, and exactly where

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