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Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury is one of the world’s most colourful Olympic champions. Steven has an impressive career as an Olympic athlete that has been driven by determination, sacrifice and most importantly a will to succeed.

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    Celebrity Hosts, Keynote Speakers, Master of Ceremonies, Sport Speakers
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    Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
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Olympic Champion, Champion Speaker and genuine onstage Motivator and Entertainer is a unique skillset, and wow talk about blowing your own trumpet !

Transitioning from being an expert speed skater to an expert motivational speaker has been an interesting ride for Steven over the last 10 years. Nowadays he works with a professional speech writer and a comedian to continually hone his presentation skills. He has presented at over 650 conferences and events in 12 countries and still loves it. He loves the adrenalin before going onstage and loves that his strategies for success in business and in life are able to inspire and help so many people. Passion, Persistence and Teamwork are what have gotten Steven to where he is today and he would love the opportunity to instill these traits in your team at your next event.

He is also an experienced ‘Master’ Of Ceremonies | Conference Facilitator and even does stand-up Comedy. He doesn’t call himself a comedian but seriously is there anyone on the planet better known for standing up….

Based in QLD, travels Australia wide (extra fees involved).


Steve was excellent to work with and very easy going throughout our dealings with him. His relaxed style and manner were perfect for the event and people enjoyed having him around for the whole night and chatting to him during the evening. The chance to see / hold his medals & have photos taken with him etc was also greatly appreciated by many of the guests.
His story was very inspirational and kept the audience captivated. He was entertaining,
funny and thought provoking. Overall an excellent speaker, who was well received and a really good bloke. Definitely added value to the event & was good to meet him.

B. Garland

Dear Steven

Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful energy and enthusiasm with my team today. Your vibrant and insightful presence was well received. You touched a lot of lives today in very positive ways. Much appreciated !!

R. Noble

Steve was genuinely entertaining. He provided an extremely amusing, yet relevant piece in his summation that left the audience both on the edge of their seat and in throes of laughter. He fully deserved the thunderous applause ”

Steve recently presented at a series of Finance And Systems Technologies (FAST) Professional Development Days to great acclaim. He actually received a standing ovation in Sydney after his presentation (unheard in of Australia). FAST CEO Mr Steve Kane said ‘Steve’s presentation was very entertaining and his messages of passion, persistence and teamwork were spot on’. I could not recommend Steve highly enough and will definitely use his services among other clients in the future

D. Mathlin

On behalf of the farmers, researchers and regional participants associated with the national Grain & Graze program, I write to thank you for the utterly brilliant presentation you gave last week. Wow! No-one left the dinner without having taken away a totally new perspective on how to give their all in any endeavour they pursue. You had the audience spell-bound not just by your own incredible story, but by the possibilities that they too may one day have an incredible story to tell. For days we talked about one key message or another that you presented and as a result, you not only made the dinner enjoyable and successful, but indeed made our whole event successful. You certainly touched all the right buttons, cleverly tailoring the messages by knowing your brief well.

As a speaker, your presentation style and skills are indeed unique, standing you apart from the myriad of after-dinner speakers I have engaged previously. Your professionalism shines through as much as your shear enjoyment of all that life throws your way. I do hope that you never lose your relish for speaking, your humbleness or that larrikin persona so many Australians instantly relate to. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but you do underprice your services compared to your speaker-circuit competition, particularly given the rapport you establish with your audience.

If ever I feel a group’s batteries getting low, I know exactly where to go to get the required recharge. Thank you again for sharing your story and inspiration.

Dr. R. Price

I recently attended the My Adviser Conference on Hamilton Island as a Plenary speaker and a Gold Sponsor. During the course of the conference I was fortunate enough to hear Steven Bradbury speak.

Steve’s presentation whilst unique and motivating was also captivating for the audience.

The message clearly delivered was never stop striving to reach your full potential.

Apart from being Australia’s 1st ever Winter Olympic Gold Medalist , Steve has been and continues to be a sort after speaker, a successful business man in his own right, and a very accomplished motivational speaker.

I would not hesitate to recommend Steve to any prospective business to allow him to motivate and challenge their staff or clients in his unique but very effective manner.

N. Lord

Steven’s presentation was undoubtedly the highlight of our conference. His story, along with his open and honest presentation style, left our audience raving about him well after he walked off stage

J. Connellan

From the tremendously positive feedback we’ve had, Steven’s message about pushing through obstacles to achieve your goals, really struck a chord with everyone. Steven has a real gift in being able to help people see that they too can achieve success and they are greatly encouraged and inspired as a result. I was delighted that not only did Steven have a good message, but he was able to deliver it in a very relatable way – his self-effacing attitude about his gold medal, combined with his Aussie sense of humour was a big hit!

M. Taylor

I worked with Steven Bradbury last week.

He really impressed me. Funny, clean, entertaining & motivating!

Phil Cass - Magician

Steven was amazing – the best motivational keynote speaker I have ever seen ( and I have seen a few!) I read his book on the weekend and couldn’t put it down. What an amazing story – I am so glad he told it.

D. Rogers