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Sean Connery Impersonator

Having a James Bond 007 themed event? Want some acts with authenticity? Well, look no further than this talented impersonator.

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    007 Sean Connery Impersonator


  • Sean Connery Impersonator
  • Sean Connery Impersonator
  • Sean Connery Impersonator


Sean Connery Impersonator

Sean Connery Impersonator Imagine what this original James Bond 007 Sir Sean Connery impersonators able to do for you, your clients and your event.
If you require only the most convincing of professional Sir Sean Connery impersonators, you appreciate that both the accent and timbre of Sir Sean Connery’s voice is his ‘trademark’. Now combine that with a professional James Bond 007 Sir Sean Connery lookalike and he is the perfect  classic James Bond MC for corporate events, as he also provides the Sean Connery voice for radio, TV and advertising agencies.
Several options are available for event managers and professional conference organizers along with the ultimate of 007 Sir Sean Connery impersonators, ‘Alias Sir Sean’ as your MC, to build the complete package for any event requiring with a sophisticated 007 theme. These include:

  • Alias Sir Sean computer generated onscreen support.
  • ‘Miss Moneypenny’ feature artist singing the great classic Bond theme songs.
  • ‘Honey Ryder’ an attractive and talented female entertainer who also works with Miss Moneypenny. Together they will hostess through your event plus sing contemporary music for entertainment and dancing when needed.
  • Event room theme.
  • Computer generated slide introductions for sponsors, guest speakers etc.
  • Theme music.

All are based in Sydney Australia and perform around the world for events catering to royalty, world leaders, dignitaries, corporate leaders plus some private events.

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