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Jimmy and Nath

HOST/MC’s – Jimmy & Nath, the new kids on the Block.  Currently the ‘On-Ground’ announcers for the GWS Giants (AFL)  Sporting events/functions: AFL, Cricket, Rugby, NBL etc…


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    Celebrity Hosts, Master of Ceremonies, TV Personalities
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Jimmy and Nath Getting to now Jimmy and Nath

  • Jimmy is the one with glasses; people often get Jimmy & Nath confused.
  • If you’re reading this, there is a 95% chance Nath is currently at the gym.
  • Jimmy once inhaled a bottle of helium to make people laugh,
    and ended up in hospital with helium poisoning.
  • Before working in radio Nath turned down the opportunity to become,
    a Professional Model & Rugby Player.
  • Before working in radio Jimmy turned down the opportunity to become,
    a Professional Rapper & FIFA Player.
  • People call Jimmy “Music Jimmy” because of his immense knowledge of music.
  • Nath just said “No one calls you Music Jimmy”.Jimmy & Nath love making people laugh.


When Jimmy met Nath, he was just a boy standing in front of a boy, asking him to love him. But before that happened, Jimmy grew up in the country riding horses, playing sports, and playing guitar. He moved to the city when he was older and he was obsessed with making people laugh, so he did what anyone with a passion for entertainment would do! He started studying Civil Engineering and moved to America. After this he moved back to Australia and started working for Nova. He now knew he wanted to be an entertainer, and as luck would have it he met Nath.


Just a beach town boy,
By the name of Nathan Roye,
He studied media coms and combined with law.
Before he met Jim-my,
Born and raised in Goondiwindi,
He produced, panelled and interned (say fast)… but wanted more!
He played rep-rugby since out of the womb,
A smell of deep heat was his perfume,
For a smile he makes people laugh,
And this bio goes on and on, and on, and on! (Jimmy: “Nath, Please Stop”)


NOVA, was waiting, After years of community radio, Jimmy’s shadow, he’d been searching for in the night,
He’s done acting and loves impro, To entertainment he has devotion, and In comes Jimmy, Nath’s white Kniiiight!
* Special mention to Journey and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’
** Special apology to Journey and ‘Don’t Stop Believin’
*** Special thanks to the people who are still here


  • Shows including ‘The Late Shift with Jimmy and Nath’, ‘The Warm Up’ and their current show ‘The Late Drive Home’ which you can hear Sunday’s Nationally from 10pm -1am
  • Jimmy and Nath have both worked in Programming.
  • Jimmy has worked in the Music Department.
  • Nath has worked as a Producer and Panel Op.


HOST/MC’s – Jimmy & Nath, the new kids on the Block.
Currently the ‘On-Ground’ announcers for the GWS Giants (AFL)
Sporting events/functions:   AFL, Cricket, Rugby, NBL etc…
Venue & product launches
Red Carpet & Celebrity/Entertainment events
Award nights

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