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The sounds of the Andes inspire and uplift. pan pipes, string instruments and percussion. Ideal for festivals, outdoor events, or parties with a twist.

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Inkamarka cover all styles of Latin American music ( with their unique instruments) not just their own traditional Andean..
and can be Mexican, Argentinean, Chilean, Peruvian, and even Spanish Flamenco if required.

Inkamarka are the only group world wide to have ever been invited THREE times to perform at the very prestigious Rainforest World Music festival in Borneo,
which has seen the likes of many world famous musical artists on their line-up. ( voted one of the worlds TOP 10 World music events by Songlines magazine)

With 20 years under their belt, starting out as humble buskers and now headlining major International World Music Festivals and events throughout Asia,
Including a multitude of Corporate and festival events under our belt, no gig is too small for us! Inkamarka continue to thrill audiences with their haunting and mystical interpretations of pre-Colombian and Contemporary music of the Andean regions of Latin America.

Music of the Andes

Andean music is traditional music from Bolivia, Peru, & Ecuador, Inkamarka combine the haunting melodies of the Panflute and Quena (bamboo flute) with rich sounds of the guitar and Charango (small ten string instrument) & Violin to achieve their original and authentic style of music.Performances are well received by audiences of all ages. The music includes strong lively songs, to slow, ethereal and mystical melodies of the Inka nation, of times past and almost forgotten. The band members have long individual careers as performers and entertainers both in Australia and overseas

Inka Marka has performed throughout Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia , Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Africa and the Americas.


Inkamarka can provide intimate workshops where they explain the rhythms and styles of the traditional Andean music.

From Lively war dances and the traditional use of samponas ( panflutes) and bombos ( drum ) , to the reason as to why the charango came into being,

plus many strange and interesting tales from the Andes.

With specialized workshops for school children, the lessons are structured, the group is education department accredited, and has working with children checks.

And our manager Linda being a qualified Music teacher. With our own Quechua shaman in the group, the tales are never dull!