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Instinct – How To

Wedding Run Sheet

When planning your Wedding Day, it is important to have an idea of what will be happening and when.

Commonly referred to as a running sheet, the schedule should de- tail start and finish >mes, when the bridal party enter and exit, when meals are served, when the speeches are conducted and the times of the cake cutting, first dance and bridal games (garter/ bouquet) etc.

Based on our experience, most venues will provide a basic running sheet with the main >mings including start and finish times and when meals are served and cleared.

Some will go further than that and work with the couple to come up with timings for the key activities listed above. In most instances however, it is left to the couple to flesh out the running sheet.

A runsheet will give your entertainment an opportunity to plan their set and break times.

The following is an “example” of a run sheet (this is a guide only). Feel free to amend and add the details to suit your event


Download here