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Terms & Conditions

Working with Instinct

Standard Terms and Conditions….Overview

  • When you accept a booking, you agree to appear & perform as agreed per the contract.
  • You agree to accommodate all reasonable requests by the client that do not extend your contractual agreement.
  • If a client asks you to extend your performance, please advise the client that there will be additional fees incurred. At this point, call  the agent who booked you and they will deal with the client directly.
  • You agree to not perform for the same client for a period of 13 months from the date of your engagement unless arranged through Instinct.
  • You agree to not display or distribute any personal, promotional or advertising material to the client, guests, or venue.
  • You agree that you will at all times act in a professional manner.
  • Future Bookings: with our clients or enquiries collected at the performance must be referred back to Instinct.
  • Full payment: will be made by Instinct within 7 days of the performance unless otherwise arranged.
  • Cancellations (by client) : In the event of a booking cancellation the following fees will be be paid:
    • Within  14 days of the event,  you will be paid 10% of the agreed fee
    • Within  7 days of the event,  you will be paid 50% of the agreed fee
    • Within  24hrs of the event,  you will be paid 100% of the agreed fee
  • Cancellations (by performer): All cancellations must be made in writing. However any cancellations by a performer within 28 days, can only be cancelled for reasons of ill health and  must be accompanied by a medical certificate.
  • When invoicing Instinct for a performance you are accepting all our Terms & Conditions. Invoices MUST be received within 7 days of receiving the Booking Agreement
  • A full list of terms and conditions are included with each booking agreement.


We do have acts that are exclusive with us but this is not for everyone. It’s not our expectation for your act to be “exclusive” with Instinct. However, when an act is listed with multiple agencies, and clients find the same act listed on different websites it creates price pressure on both the act and the agencies involved.

In an attempt to not create price pressure on yourself and Instinct, we have made it a policy to change an acts name and list acts under a name that is unique to Instinct. This allows us to market your act without incurring the possibility of inducing price pressure and potentially losing a gig. It’s not perfect, but in general it works.



Instinct does not work on a fixed percentage as some of the agents of old.

We work to get you what you want, and then put our margin on top. It is important to provide Instinct with a level playing field, and provide us with the same base costs as you do other agents . We do not expect more or less. In some cases, acts have found it beneficial to have a fixed sell price with an pre-determine and agreed margin back form this price. That way if a client tries to price check, the price is the same everywhere, and it comes down to service. This encourages all agents to promote you safely knowing they are not going to lose the gig over say $50.

All pricing must be based on metropolitan area for a 4-5 hour call with minimum 3 x 45 min sets (in the case of bands)

You can have variations within you pricing to allow for performance times or size of acts, also you can offer a wedding rate and a corporate rate. All other cases (venues or out of town gigs) we will consult with you directly prior to providing a potential client with a quotation.

Ofcourse, stage shows, comedians and roving acts all have particular prices for their entertainment offering.


Our Booking system

We have developed software to improve our service to our clients and our talent!  We want to keep you fully informed of the status of a potential gig throughout the quoting to booking stage.

Our system works like this:

1. When a client enquires about you and we ask you for a quote,  you will be sent a TALENT HOLD NOTICE  notice. Please put this date in your diary as “on hold” for Instinct and note the quote number if you can. If you are approached by another agent or client in the meantime, please advise them you are on hold for us and we will follow up with our client immediately. If you can not hold the date, advise Instinct immediately

2. When the client is ready to book, you will receive a TALENT BOOKING AGREEMENT.We ask you to check the details and if there are no issues, please email us your invoice within  7 days. This informs us that you are locked away for the booking and we have you set up in our accounting system for payment. If you have any issues with the booking please contact the office within 24 hours.

3. If the client chooses another act, or the event  does not go ahead, you will get a TALENT RELEASE NOTICE– so you can remove the HOLD form your diary


How to invoice Instinct for payment.

Please send your invoice WITHIN 7 DAYS of receiving the TALENT BOOKING AGREEMENT to ensure you will be paid the week following the event.

Invoices must be correctly addressed as follows:

Instinct International Pty Ltd
45 Porter street
Prahran VIC 3181

Please include the DATE OF PERFORMANCE & BOOKING NUMBER, YOUR ABN and EMAIL  and email the  invoice to invoices@instinctmusic.com.au


Our Social Media Policy

We understand we live in a digital age and posting to social media is the norm for many performers. However, we ask that when performing for an Instinct Client to always confirm with the sales agent who booked you before you post anything to social media.

Some clients make Instinct sign a confidentiality agreement, not wanting their events promoted to the general public.

Some clients have strict guidelines about this when to post and/or expect certain hashtags or elements of the event to be tagged or mentioned.

In principle, the following Instinct hashtags should always be used when posting to social at an Instinct gig, once you have permission from Instinct to do so.


@instincteventsandentertainment (Facebook)

@instinct_events_entertainment    (Instagram)




When sharing  to Social Media:


  • Only take photos or video when appropriate and it doesn’t impede you doing your performance
  • Mention you were engaged by Instinct and tag our respective hashtags
  • Send photos or videos to talent@instinctmusic.com.au
  • Always represent yourself and Instinct in a professional manner and pride.


  • Post to social media without confirming with Instinct that its ok to do so
  • Don’t tag the client or any other third parties or suppliers in your posts
  • Do not post anything that looks unprofessional or portray  your views as that of Instinct.
  • Don’t post to social media live or during your performance in such a way as to distract from the performance you were engaged for.
  • Post images of the client, guests or staff


Referrals and Repeat Bookings

When you are  booked by Instinct you are also accepting our terms and conditions. We work extremely hard and spend a lot of money in advertising and promoting our services, to get you gigs.

It is our expectation then, that when performing at an Instinct gig, any inquiries for future events be directed back to Instinct..

Both digital and physical Instinct business cards will be made available to you to hand out at our events.

If you are booked by one of our customers, then all repeat bookings by this customers are to be referred back to Instinct for a period of 13 months from the date of the last booking.

Acts found to be abusing this will have have breached the terms of our contract and maybe removed from the roster and money owed withheld.

Your website listing

We have worked extremely hard on our website (www.instinctmusic.com.au) and continue to do so, however, each acts’ chance of getting a booking is only as good as the content we have been provided.

Make sure you have good quality, up to date image and that the sound and video files do you proud. Also, keep song lists up to date, as clients do read them and make decisions based on this information.

All updates can be emailed directly to talent@instinctmusic.com.au

If you have any questions, please call us.

 Professional Event Photography

There could be professional photographers at the event you are performing at. DO NOT request or share details with the photographer for images. These may be licensed by client, Instinct or other third parties to be used exclusively by them.

Please contact Instinct to inquire if it is possible to access these images.