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Presentation Formatting

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Presentation Formatting

Presentation formatting can be an overwhelming task for even the most experienced in the art. It is an entirely different task to collate, gather and understand information, rather than to present it to an audience in a way that is engaging.

 Oral presentation from the stage or lectern has the advantage of mass dissemination of information and immediate feedback from the audience (good or bad). Which is great if you are well received, and tough if not.
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Presentation Formatting – Death by Power Point

Presentation formatting excellence is as much about understanding the audience and conference organisers templates and historical “formatting” as it is about information or transformation.

Most of us have heard of “death by power point”. This “outcome” is usually summarised as an audience reading (or pretending to read) information from the screen as an alternative to listening to the person presenting the same information verbally. The result, ids usually little or no engagement between speaker/presenter and the audience.

Presentation Formatting – It’s about the audience

Effective presentation formatting requires the presenter and audience connecting in the moment, information is transferred. It is preferable this happens with al three modes of learning, visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning modality. (For those of you unfamiliar with the term, kinaesthetic refers to movement, or leaning by “doing”)


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Presentation formatting – It’s about you, not what is on the screen

The “Legend” of Steve Job’s “black screens” when presenting information about new Apple products at MACWORLD via keynote (the superior alternative to powerpoint for those still in the 20th century) is a simple one. At certain points in his presentation, he would turn the screen off, to the slide to black. He would then become the singular focus for the audience. His voice, his person, his persona was thus allowed the space to convey information and build connection.  The audience would become without distraction. Information would thus LAND!

Ok, .. so it is very obvious.. we are all “Apple Evangelists” at Instinct. We are a creative agency, so what can you expect!!!

Presentation formatting – Design & Fonts

That aside, we could talk about font sizes and graphic design. What’s in and out of fashion. When to use video to enhance your message or when to throw it to the audience and give them a “state change” and ask them to participate.

To be honest, these type of conversations are best done in person, rather than through the medium of print via a website.  To be clear, we want to have those conversation with YOU! (call us, email tell us etc)

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Presentation formatting – what comes first before the event

The real “Juice” of this story, is about process. What has to happen and when?

It’s about getting the event manager or conference manager the information the need, at the time they need it.

All to often we have presenters arriving on the flight from Sydney or over seas, rushing to the venue saying “I’m still putting finishing touches on my presentation”.. seriously.. get it together peoples!!

Speakers Vs Trainers : Be warned

SPEAKERS..  Are very 20th Century. They tend to like the sound of their own voice. They can be less focused on the audience than they realize.

TRAINERS.. Well, they are teachers and we all need to pay attention to these good folk. Give, give, give!! That is their motto.

Talk to us about your conference, seminar or training goals. We’d love to know what your aspirations are and have a chance to be part of your “learning “ environment.

Presentation Formatting is a small but important part of the learning equation. Let’s chat about his more eh?

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