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Choreography & Musical Direction

Choreography and musical direction

Choreography & Musical Direction

So what does good Choreography & Musical Direction Do ?  

A choreographer is one who designs dances.
A musical director is one who does that, directs (as compared to composes) the music. In a way they’re making choices on behalf of the audience. Deciding what is going to work best, in any given moment to make to make it feel good.



ooooh face-male-choreography -musical direction

Good vs Bad Choreography

We have all seen and judged a dance troupe that doesn’t cut it.  Most of us have at least once seen the alternative. A dance act or choreographed performance so breathtaking in precision and accuracy, we are not only spell bound, captivated and impressed, we become TOTAL EVANGELISTS. The result… we tell everyone who is prepared to listen, and profess the skills and virtues of the permanence group.

Choreography & Music – Live Events

So much of live events it about the “spontaneously produced and consumed moment”  You can’t go back and erase a moment. There is no “Cut.. take 2” during a live gala dinner, awards night.  The band, singers, dancers, performers for any type, have to get it right first time, every time.

Getting movement on and off the stage, be it from performers, awards nominees and winners, graduands at a graduation ceremony for a university or simply the MC, has to be done elegantly and in correct time. (Preferably with supporting music or “stings”)

Choregraphy for live events

Break dancer choreography

What the audience notices is important, right ?

We, the audience, only notice .. really when things go or feel wrong.

“ Instinct’s team of music & dance aficionados work closely with stylists, fashionistas and image consultants to ensure you don’t notice a thing.  Our goal is invisible excellence. So good, you simply don’t notice”

Tell us about your event and lets us help you to move gracefully through it!