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Budgeting & Reporting

BUdget and reporting

Budgeting & Reporting

The key to a successful event is a solid budget and reporting system.  A structured budget helps in monitoring costs, understanding what you can afford, reporting to the clients or management and most of all keeping things under control.

Of course, if you are planning a public event where you sell tickets, the expectation of revenues or sales needs to taken into account, along with the marketing costs of achieving those sales.  Forecasting or budgeting sales becomes easier once the event has been established and all revenues and costs have a “history” which you can base decisions on.


For most corporate events, accurate budgeting and reporting is about the management of costs. What is it going to cost to deliver a creative concept, exceed objectives and get the results you are after. What will it cost to create the experience for your guests, staff, clients or prospects.

Instinct proudly offers a full budget and reporting service.  Our clients can expect to be given an accurate costing at the time of quotation, with little or no variation (unless there are many unknowns, which we will know at the event planning stage and communicate clearly with you). Budgeting is central to all good event managers.

The primary cost centres for corporate events are:

along with the event management costs

Tell us about your event and let us put forward a creative concept, along with a budget and reporting system that you can trust.