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Brand Activations

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Brand Activations

Brand Activations are about allowing consumers to use a product or experience a service. This “activates” the brands value in the mind of the consumer,  who walks way from the experience with a strong impression of the brand and the value it delivers.

The key to a successful brand activations is showing customers that claims made in advertising are true and the brand can be trusted.

At its core, Brand Activations must stimulate interest, trial and loyalty. Key to this is getting consumers or prospects, to take action or to do something.

Preferable whilst experiencing your brand activations, consumers are required to do something good or fun, generating positive endorphins and creating a sense of value and trust. The staff that deliver your brand action are key to its success. They MUST be made clear of the objectives and outcomes of the campaign.

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Brand Activation Step 1

Decide what action you want consumers to take. Create clear goals and budgets around your brand activations. Costs will be key in your approach, and your Activation Strategy should deliver more than simply raising awareness.

Brand Activation Step 2

Determine how you will measure the success of the brand activations. If you can’t measure the success, don’t do it. Clear, measurable goals are critical to the activities success, but also for you keeping your job!


Brand Activation Step 3

Once you are clear on your objectives, consider how the brand activation will embody your brand attributes and brand positioning.  Think about what will create a lasting impression and influence the consumer to move from knowing about your brand, to becoming an advocate or brand evangelist.

Brand Activation Step 4

Identify ways to leverage the brand activation across other advertising and promotional platforms, including digital platforms, were & social media, traditional PR & advertising. Have you considered merchandising?

Brand Activation Step 5

What about next year ? Consider ways to expand the activation year on year to create marketing momentum, the holy grail !! Keep the conversation going through social media, to celebrate and communicate milestones and achievements.  Continue to show the consumer you care about them, first and foremost.

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Brand Activations