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Wooden Spooners

The Wooden Spooners a dynamic musical trio of horns & drums.

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    Live Music, Roving Musicians, Roving Performers
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    3 performers


  • Wooden Spooners
  • Wooden Spooners


Wooden Spooners Football Theme Roving Musicians

The Wooden Spooners a dynamic musical trio of horns & drums.    The team has worked extremely hard all season, working itself up to the bottom of the premiership ladder.
No stone was upturned, no cost was considered!    They are proud of their “Wooden Spoon” award! Dressed in a rag-tag collection of football uniforms, this bunch of losers on the field will astound you with their musical talents.    Playing all manner of musical styles, they are so keen that in the excitement they even play the other teams club songs.
It’s all about the game.   These Aussie rules football legends are sometime known as the “Drop Punts”

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