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The Potbelleez

THE POTBELLEEZ. Artist Bio. The Potbelleez are Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic, two Producer DJ’s from Dublin, Ireland, who are now living, recording and performing in Sydney, Australia. Travel everywhere.

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    Australian Music Recording Artists, DJ, Headline DJs
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    Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


  • The Potbelleez
  • The Potbelleez
  • The Potbelleez
  • The Potbelleez
  • The Potbelleez


The Potbelleez are Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic, two Producer DJ’s from Dublin, Ireland, who are now living, recording and performing in Sydney, Australia. The Potbelleez are a multi talented dance act with a signature live performance. A unique 4 deck, 2 mixer HOUSE set that has established them as The fastest rising stars in the Sydney Scene (Tim Duggan Brag magazine December 2004), and have been described as taking Sydney by storm in 2005 (Precinct Magazine March 2005).

The Potbelleez are an original recording group, currently writing and producing their debut EP. Their first single Junkyard has been recorded with Australia number one female MC BLU, currently based in London. MC BLU and The Potbelleez have most recently played a number of high profile gigs over the European summer (July 2005) including huge dance festival Gods Kitchen Global Gathering where they played before Sasha and Digweed in front of 25,000.

It was during this period (July, August 2005) The Potbelleez completed a successful world tour on the first ever MIX IT UP TOUR for JIM BEAM which took the boys to China, Turkey, Romania, UK, Ireland and Russia. Back home in Sydney, they have played a string of high profile live shows including support for UK No 1 recording artists and dance music legends Groove Armada while promoting the launching of Groove Armada’s new record label Ragbull Records in Sydney. Other high profile shows include X Press 2, Ian Pooley, Magnetic Island Full Moon Party’s and headlining performances in the main room of Sydney’s super club Home.

As a result The Potbelleez have been exclusively signed to the much sought after Saturday residence at Sydney’s newest nightclub, the uber cool, former strip club The Moulin Rouge, located in the heart of Sydney’s red light district, Kings Cross.


MAY 2005 – The Potbelleez headlined the dance stage at Sydney’s biggest street festival the Surry Hills Festival in front of 10,000 people. On the 12th June The Potbelleez headlined London’s premier rocking house night DTPM at Tank on the Sydney leg of the world tour. In July 2005 The Potbelleez headed to China, Ireland and the UK for 18 Gigs which included Godskitchen’s Global Gathering Festival and the Vault in Ireland, The End and The Egg in the UK to name a few.

Dave Goode and Jonny Sonic established the Potbelleez in 2003. Their meeting was pure fate and it was radio that brought them together. Dave Goode begun hosting his first radio show on Dublin’s elite underground radio station Nova FM after his success in the Irish DJ Mixing Championships. Jonny Sonic at the time had his own show on Nova FM as a successful Dublin DJ. Though having never met, Jonny listened to Dave’s show relentlessly for months recognizing his mixing skills.

By 2001 both had independently travelled to Sydney and when they finally met, it was 14,000 miles from Dublin!.Jonny finally discovered Dave was the DJ he had listened to on Nova FM in Ireland, it was then that their sights were set for the future. Jonny who came up with the sarcastic name The Potbelleez in the gym. I was trying think of a name for a project, my belly wasn’t getting any smaller from the gym. so I became a Pot belly, then met Dave, saw his Pot belly and we became The Potbelleez.

The Potbelleez have built up a large following in a short period of time. Key to this success has been the duo’s ultra-energetic DJ sets, a weekly Potbelleez radio show, Saturday nights on Bondi FM and a series of hugely successful monthly Potbelleez promoted parties. The promotional strategy has always been word of mouth which has brought six degrees of separation down to two. When we walk into our party we want to be able to walk up to anybody and know them through somebody. If you have that you have an intimate family orientated atmosphere, where everybody knows everybody say the boys

Production is the key for The Potbelleez. Having already worked individually along-side some of the UK’s most upfront dance producers from Mali Marsh (Craig David) to Marshall Williams of So Solid Crew fame. The Potbelleez remixing has exploded with the success of their 2005 remix of Love Tattoo’s new single. Put Your Body In It. The Potbelleez Remix. The Potbelleez single Le Marr was signed to Bondi Beats compilation vol 2 on Casa Del Disco. The Potbelleez first single Junkyard, is due in December 2005.

The Potbelleez are currently producing promo music for Channel [v]’s new Mobile Soap opera Random Place. Airing May 2005

The Potbelleez is the result of two creative workaholics, who come together as DJ’s, performers, remixers and promoters. Although obsessed in the studio, it’s the fun on stage they create that is at the heart of everything they do. As Dave Goode will tell you When myself and Jonny play live, we go absolutely crazy. Give us a crowd and we will give back to them. At the end of the day, we love it, we live for it, we have to entertain.

Recent highlight for Instinct: Cox Plate 2014 Pleasure enclosure!

Based in NSW, travels Australia wide (extra fees involved).