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Tatu Rei

This is Brazilian jazz at it’s best; combining samba, bossa grooves with contemporary jazz melodies and arrangements.

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    Big Band, Jazz Bands, Latin and Cuban Music, World Music
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    5 performers

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  • Tatu Rei
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Influenced by some of the Bossa and Samba greats as well as contemporary jazz masters of today, Tatu Rei have performed to great acclaim and thrilled audiences around Australia.

The Brazilian-style band offers beautiful compositions that are technically accomplished, emotionally evocative and sung in Portuguese with bridging English, but their beauty and passion are felt truly beyond the boundaries of language.

Band founder and charismatic front man David Chong is a Brazilian composer, accomplished vocalist and passionate storyteller.

Latin and flamenco guitarist Nathan Slater hails from a long lineage of musical masters, and his melodic strains and rhythmic sparks are sublimely supported by the tempering sounds of James Gilligan’s solid six-string acoustic bass.

Tatu Rei’s strong rhythmic sensibility is largely owed to the brilliant drummer Oliver Williams, who spent a decade studying the intricacies of Brazilian music and has a post graduate in percussion from a renowned São Paulo music school.

Added to this mighty mix is the flair and technical sophistication of respected Australian pianist/accordion player Steven Grant.

Tatu Rei are accomplished and polished performers who delight and wow audiences where ever they play.

The band gigs regularly at renowned jazz venues including Melbourne’s Bennetts Lane and Dizzy’s Jazz Club, and plays festivals and multicultural events to acclaim across the country.

Tatu Rei were honoured to be selected as the support band to the incredible Mexican singer Lila Downs (as heard on feature film Frida) on her Australian tour.

Headlining at the Taste of Tasmania festival in 2012, Tatu Rei had the crowd on their feet dancing and in enthusiastic applause as festival favourites.


Lead vocal – David Chong

Latin and flamenco guitar – Nathan Slater

Bass – James Gilligan

Piano and accordian – Stephen Grant

Drums – Oliver Williams

This is Brazilian jazz at it’s best; combining samba, bossa grooves with contemporary jazz melodies and arrangements.

Vibrant and energetic, gentle and delicate all at once, Tatu Rei will touch your soul in one moment and move your feet in the next!