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Soccer Tricks

  • Entertainment:
    Roving Performers, Streets of Melbourne Theme
  • City:
    Melbourne, Sydney


  • Soccer Tricks
  • Soccer Tricks
  • Soccer Tricks
  • Soccer Tricks


Soccer Tricks

Great sporting act in great demand for any event interested in soccer.
Presenting Australian soccer trick performers – this group have professional and semi professional performers skilled in a range of exciting football (soccer) tricks and freestyle stunts.  Various performers are based around the country, the professionals mainly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and MC in Melbourne.   Key part of exciting new promotion for Rebel Sports – see video here.   Packages of Shows and demonstrations of various duration and number of footballers are available – just let us know what you need!

Also available are Street Soccer or Panna Football Cages.

Available for events, festivals, corporate, television, commercials, schools ….

The most popular is the Stage show with 2 freestyler performers + MC – the entire package is up to 1 hr & includes:
1 x 10 – 15 minute Fully Choreographed Show + crowd interaction afterwards (this is normally showing tricks with the ball on foot and back of neck and goes for as long as the party wants for up to an hour total – around 20-30mins interaction is most common)
standard show

Other possible performances include:
10min demonstration with 2 Standard Soccer Freestylers plus they add around 20mins interaction afterwards.
Individual Freestyler 5-7 min show with interaction afterwards depending on whether it is a standard or pro freestyler
Interaction without a choreographed show –   2 Freestylers interacting in 4 x 20min blocks over 2 hours


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