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Synchronised snorkeling at its best! Who needs to be in the water to have this much fun!!

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  • Snorkellarama
  • Snorkellarama
  • Snorkellarama



Snorkellarama – synchronised snorkeling at its best!   Who needs to be in the water to have this much fun!!

These intrepid adventurers from the deep seas have donned their snorkel gear and come to investigate the fascinating world above the water. The silver snorkellers bring with them their own aquatic madness and fishy accompaniments with which they interact with the audience, investigating these strange beings called humans, as they swim amongst them.

Snorkellarama is usually a roving act of one to 3 snorkellers, but can also be performed as a living statue. A hit with all ages, and an absurd and very funny act for any festival, event or corporate do.

Snorkellarma’s performances include:
– Adelaide Street Theatre in the Mall
– Overstroom Festival, The Netherlands
– Lauwe Straatfestival, Belgium
– Sziget Festival, Hungary
– Northbridge Festival, Perth
– Little Hands Festival, Perth
– Joondalup International Festival, WA

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