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Snake Handler

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    Outdoor and Festivals, Roving Performers
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  • Snake Handler
  • Snake Handler
  • Snake Handler
  • Snake Handler
  • Snake Handler
  • Snake Handler


Melbourne Snake Handler

Scarlett is a Snake Handler and has been working with her four pythons for roving and event performances in Melbourne.

Scarlett holds a DEPI Wildlife Demonstrator License and have a performance and education background.

Scarlett is Australia’s very unique and intoxicating Snake Handler. She provides clients with the chance to introduce the incredible world of pythons to guests in a fun, thematic way, focusing on the welfare of her own pythons, Lola, Candy and Neo.

Scarlett holds a Wildlife Demonstrator Licence and is authorised to possess and display certain wildlife to the public within Victoria, for the purpose of promoting an understanding of the ecology and conservation of wildlife. She is able to safety travel to events with her pythons and provide demonstrations for guests including a short performance and presentation, roving and photographs, with patrons who wish to meet the snakes. Scarlett regularly works on commercial photoshoots and videoshoots, allowing others to work with the snakes in front of the camera.

There’s lots to know about pythons so debugging myths and helping guests overcome their apprehension or fear of snakes is one of Scarlett’s favourite parts of her job. They’re incredibly strong yet gentle reptiles that often get overlooked as creatures we can live alongside.

Looking for a ‘WOW’ factor at your next event -its a big hit with crowds as well as private functions.

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