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Silent Disco

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    DJ, Live Music, Outdoor Activities, Outdoor and Festivals
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  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco
  • Silent Disco




  • Each individual is given a set of our high quality wireless headphones, giving them the choice of up to three DJ’s/Music channels at just a flick of a switch.
  • Think masses of people singing and dancing to apparent silence.
  • Option to play anything, not just music!
  • Great for conferences (ensures your audience are listening intently and without distractions)
  • Can have interpreters for different languages on each channel
  • A new and exciting entertainment option

Why SILENT DISCO events?

  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Suitable for a variety of events (indoor/outdoor)
  • No noise pollution
  • Greater variety of music means more attendees get involved
  • High quality Stereo sound, no bulky Speaker and wires
  • headphones light up
  • Safe volume levels, adjustable on each headset, you have control over the volume
  • A new and exciting entertainment option which is unique, Novel, New trend Rocking the US, Europe & now Australia
  • An experience that makes any event Memorable & Special
  • The Party starts Straight away
  • More people join in and dance
  • Easy to socialize – just remove headphones
  • Fun, cool experience, it makes your event a party!

Perfect For…..

  • Festivals/Community Events
  • Museum
  • Gallery
  • Fashion shows
  • Store openings
  • School/Fund Raising/Fetes
  • Corporate Functions
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Children’s Parties
  • Sports Clubs
  • House Parties

Additional/extensive services available such as Professional face/body painters, graffiti Artists, DJ’s, Pyrotechnics, Daiquiri/Slushy

Our Aim is to take your event to a higher level leaving guests with a unique, memorable experience that will be talked about for
years to come.