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Shane Withington

Shane Withington Australian Actor, Shane is a brilliant MC. He has MC’d many events ranging from small charities to large corporate.

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Shane Withington

With leading roles in some of Australia’s most successful television series over the last three decades Shane Withington has become a trusted and respected professional in the industry.  He is currently enjoying his 7th year playing the highly successful character of John Palmer in Home and Away.

Shane was awarded a Logie for best actor for his role of Brendan in A Country Practice that saw him become an audience favourite. Since then there have been few shows that he hasn’t made an appearance in. His credits include main roles in Willing and Able, Flying doctors, The Family Business, Roys’ Raiders (BBC Production),Water Rats, David Williamsons’ Dogs Head Bay, All Saints , a leading role in 120 episodes of Out of the Blue (BBC Production), a highly acclaimed performance in the mini series of Rain Shadow (ABC) and many others.

His Film credits include Queen of the RoadReprisal and Strange Bedfellows.

Shane also the voice behind many successful commercial campaigns that have utilised his versatility as a performing artist,  from delivering outrageous comedy for Australia’s leading FM stations or being the trusted voice for a Federal election campaign.

Corporate Speaking Material

MC – Shane is a brilliant MC. He has MC’d many events ranging from small charities to large corporate.

Keynote – Shane has a brilliant keynote around The Battle for Burrawong Beach. He tells the story of the 15 year battle to Save the iconic workers retreat Currawong Beach from developers.

The remarkable story involves Maharishis, Union thugs, hit men, treasurers, Premiers, sex workers, Yogic flyers, ICAC, and corruption convictions told in Shane’s inimitable witty style.

This honest account of a truly extraordinary and eventuality successful fight against overwhelming odds with villains that could only be provided by central casting has to be heard to be believed. But remarkably its ALL true.

Performance – 50s Swing – Crows Feet Crew 16 Tons

Shane is the lead singer of a 50s Swing band.

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