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Matador Madness

  • Entertainment:
    Live Music, Roving Musicians, Roving Performers, Stage Shows, Streets of Melbourne Theme
  • City:
  • Size:
    2-5 performers


  • Matador Madness
  • Matador Madness
  • Matador Madness


Matador Madness Roving Musicians

A touch of Spain, a dash of romance, a splash of colour, a rhythm of passion, and a whif of comedy.   Matador Madness will uplift your next event with infectious rhythms  to swivel your hips & comedy to tickel your funny bone.  The ladies want them, the gentlemen want to be them!

Have this band of amigos transform your next event.  Stage or “roving’ Performances customised to suit your event
Suitable for Corporate functions, festivals, weddings etc..


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