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Ipad Magic

Asia’s top ipad Magician – based in Singapore travel to Australia for a fee.

  • Entertainment:
    Event Theme Ideas, Futuristic Theme, Magic / Illusions, Magicians, Roving Performers, Stage Shows, Streets of Melbourne Theme
  • City:
    Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney
  • Size:
    2 performers


  • Ipad Magic
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ipad Magic

ipad Magic – Are you planning a corporate event or a private party with highly valued guests and top executives? Alexander is the choice for the sophisticated audience.

Singapore Magician, Alexander represents a rare breed of magicians that are highly educated and skilled. With a B.A. (Hons) and a Master’s in Psychology, Alexander combines psychology and magic to craft a magical experience for your guests.
With over a thousand performing hours and hundreds of successful events, rest assured that you and your guests will be enchanted by his intellectual style of magic.

ipad Roving Magic

Alexander combines sleight of hand and modern technology to create magic that is both virtual and reality.
Watch as Alexander pulls and passes objects through the iPad and visually transform objects from one form to the other. This form of unique entertainment is highly interactive and sought after!

The Interactive Roving Magic performance promises strong and powerful magic that happens in your guests’ hands. Through magic performed using everyday objects such as money, watches and even borrowed phones, Alexander creates magical moments that are up-close and personal.

Alexander’s hospitality and communicative skills allows him to mingle and interact with top CEOs, Directors and Chief Level Executives. With Alexander around, rest assured that your guests will be in good hands!

Recommended for: Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Parties, Networking Sessions, Private Parties, Weddings, Trade shows, Restaurants and General Roving Events.

Digital Illusions


Combining technology and magic principles, Alexander will engineer a visual illusion show like no other.
Watch him interact with digital space, manipulating objects and transforming virtual into reality.

*All Digital Magic Shows are customized depending on theme and event.
Lead time: 45 days or more.

Sick of top hats, rabbits and clownish magic? For those who appreciate finer things in life, Alexander is your number one choice for classy entertainment.  His brand of sensational magic allows him to be featured in numerous international and local productions.

Winner of several magic competitions in Singapore and abroad, Alexander’s creativity and innovation puts him right at the forefront of magic.

Alexander will make your guests remember and relate to your brand by customizing his magic to your theme.

With formal psychology training in emotions and persuasion, Alexander will engineer a customized routine that will leave your guests thinking long after the show has ended!  I’ll love to add my magical touch to your events, creating memorable magic moments for your guests. In additional, I offer a complimentary customization on the iPad to increase your client’s branding and visibility:  With a team of experts behind him, Alexander is able to customize his magic to fit your brand, logo, theme and message.

With his own brand of customized iPad magic, you can be sure that your audiences will be amazed and engaged by this form of visual magic.

Based in Singapore, Alexander performs internationally on a regular basis.

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At our recent Customer Event, Alexander stunned everyone with his amazing magic with his unbelievable sleight-of-hand.
The performance was highly entertaining, either small groups or individually was just what was needed.
He was professional and non-intrusive in his manner, whilst being friendly and approachable.
People were left in awe by the seemingly impossible things he was doing!
He was an invaluable addition to the evening’s activities, and one that I would recommend to any event! It was such a special night for us and you were an essential part of its success.
Thank you so very much, Alexander! “

Michelle DHL Global Forwarding Pty Ltd

What an outstanding character Alexander is, at short notice he was able to come into our team country dinner with minimal of fuss.
He put on a brilliant show, and to actually see him working the floor ensuring everyone could enjoy his art was a fantastic site.
The grand finale was absolutely fantastic, and many of the team were talking about this for weeks afterwards, asking and enquiring as to exactly how he did that live in front of everyone’s eyes.
I’d recommend Alexander to anyone who wants a fun, filled evening with some originality and from a really good guy.  Well done and best wishes

J. Jone Dell Australia