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Instathat Social Printer

  • Entertainment:
    Event Prop Hire, Streets of Melbourne Theme
  • City:
    Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
  • Size:
    1 - 4 printers


  • Instathat Social Printer
  • Instathat Social Printer
  • Instathat Social Printer
  • Instathat Social Printer
  • Instathat Social Printer


Rent an Instathat Live Instagram Printer for your next event…..

Marvel at our gorgeous bespoke printer cases as they print your Instagram photos. Any location, any time, from anywhere around the world. All your guests need to do is upload their photos to Instagram using the event-specific hashtag. Almost like magic, their Instagram photos are then printed by our Instathat Live Instagram Printer. Gorgeous little square Instagram photos, surrounded with your event branding.

Want to increase participation and spread the message amongst your participants? Opt for one of our live feed options – either large flat screen or wall projection and watch every photo light up on the big screen. Not only will your guest’s photos hit the big screen – so will their 15 second Instagram videos.

We are not only Instagram fanatics. We play with all the social channels. Let us instantly send every image to Facebook during your event. Like likes? Watch them go exponential with this package.

But wait. There’s more. A part from Live Instagram Printing, post event we will provide you with all the numbers, data, and tricky graphs you could possibly want. Need to know who viewed your pics in Chile? We’ll tell you.

We’ll help your brand connect through visual storytelling. Your guests can keep it old-school and show their pics to their friends, while you show them to the world complete with your branding. Not just empty promises – we help build brand attachment through emotion. Brilliant.

Let us interject photos or videos of your newest goodies into the live feed. Your guests can watch the live feed AND your advertising. Want it as big as a billboard? Choose our Live Feed Projector Wall. The ultimate advertising medium.
Nothing is bigger than your big day. And now you can be married and a social butterfly all at once. We will bring our gorgeous Instathat Live Instagram Printing machine and set it down next to chalk-drawn rustic timber signs* telling your guests what hashtag to use. Let us supply vintage backgrounds for your guests to use as backdrops to their happy snaps, and watch all your guests go giddy with excitement as their Instagram pics come to life. Have loved ones who can’t attend? Simply supply them with the unique hashtag and they can instantly send you photos and written messages from afar. Your grandmother won’t understand, but she’ll be moved to tears all the same. Sigh.
*Not a vintage bride? Don’t worry! We have a range of beautiful signs and will style our set-up to match yours.