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Instagram Printer

Harness the popularity of social media and inspire users to publish content about your brand event.

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    Event Prop Hire, Streets of Melbourne Theme
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    Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney


  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer
  • Instagram Printer


Harness the popularity of social media and inspire users to publish content about your brand event.

Instagram Printer bridges the gap between the online and offline worlds through live digital experiences. It will enable you to tap into 300,000,00 active instagram users globally. Intergram printer is about being brand smart & helps spread content organically and inspires attendees of your event to share user generated content from your event and build conversations about your brand, and gives attendees a stack of photo mementos to take home with them.

  • By driving your hashtag further you create incentive for the attendees of your event to tag their photos with your brand or event hashtag, driving viral reach.
  • You can integrate competitions and exclusive offers to engage consumers and inspire them to post about your brand, this engages interest after the event keeping brand momentum going.
  • The Instagram printer is sleek and modern in design and stylishly fits into any event space with the option to custom brand the printer with your own logo.
    The printer offers seamless technology allowing photos to print automatically, in an instant. Overseen by our team of well trained attendants that will be ready to help and engage consumers at your event.
  • You can add your logo, messaging or promotional offers to every printed photo creating a lasting branded memento.
    A copy of the digital image gallery will be provided so you can continue the conversation post-event.

How it works

  • Take a photo on your own instagram, hashtag it with the chosen event hashtag, and it will be printed ready for collection. A great memento in-itself.

Set up requirements

  • By setting up a unique event hashtag or location you can access the Instagram printer at your event, all associated photos that users share to their own instagram during the event will be collated.
  • Each photo takes less than 20 seconds to print. You can print upto 400 x 4×6″ prints without replacing paper.
  • The live instagram printer requires a stable internet connection via an ethernet or WiFi. If no internet is available we can arrange a solution.
  • The setup runs off any standard single power outlet (AC 100-240v).Extras
  • Add Live Instagram feed to your booking and showcase user generated content as it is uploaded in real-time. We work with suppliers who offer projectors, LEDs or plasmas.
  • We offered detailed analytical reports that measure reach, impressions, engagement and more so you can monitor how far your hashtag is traveled during the event and beyond.
  • Each photo can be printed with a customised design.
  • Printer Decals – we can remove our branding from our instagram printer and apply your decals for the event.
  • We can provide a wooden easel display sign, branded with your logo to build awareness with a “How to Play sign”.
  • We can provide a branded photo board or pin boardto post up photos throughout the event.
  • We can add some fun to your event with a custom designed Instagram frame, complete with branding.
  • We can created a photo backdrop to ensure your branding is captured.