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Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne

Brand new and pumping to go, this show is a mix between commercial funk, break dance and street hip hop. Our performers are amazing and will have you in awe with their spectacular acrobatic break dance moves and ostentatious choreography.

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  • Hip Hop | Break Dancers
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  • Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne
  • Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne
  • Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne
  • Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne
  • Hip Hop and Breakdance Show Melbourne



Australia’s best break dancers, and most talented commercial and street Hip Hop dancers; mixing up old-school popping and locking. FX Hip Hop incorporates glamorous professional female hip hop dancers and talented professional male break and hip hop dancers. FX Hip hop dancers love getting party guests involved in fun and funky dance battles. During the show, which includes break dance, acrobatics and craaaaaazy dancers, our team can include audience interaction to make the event one to truly remember.

FX Hip Hop will tailor a show to suit your corporate event or small intimate affairs.



“Was such a fun night and the guys were a big hit.
Appreciate your help getting this organised.



Our high energy, up beat FX hip hop and break dance show will have your guests captivated with our brilliant performers and highly skilled breakers! Our stunning female hip hop dancers will keep you entertained as they are not only talented, but they are friendly and sensationally funky!

We offer an energetic 10 minute approx. interactive hip hop show with the BBoys busting out with their explosive freestyle craaaazy moves. Our girls show off their street skills as the bust out in a high energy hip hop styled groove, doing their ‘thang’! The dancers give you and your guests the chance to have a jam with the professionals. Everyone can show off their best- or worst- dance moves, allowing for some priceless footage for years to come!



Want a birthday party, private party, Christmas Party or Wedding to remember, book FX HIP HOP today! Let us know who you would like to see up and dancing like crazy, and we will see to it! Get your cameras ready!

Get the birthday boy or bride and groom up to learn some old-school ’80s break dance moves! Our dancers will have them up and dancing and having a fabulous time! Not only are our professional hip hop and break dancers amazing at what they do, they have huge personalities too!  We will have your guests up and battling by the end of the show- who doesn’t love a dance battle? We will make sure you have a great night to remember. We recommend 2-4 performers for private functions.



We also offer a pure break dance show. The guys will come out and dance for 2 x songs back to back OR ONE song twice within an hour call time.



Our Breakers and Hip Hop dancers are reliable, professional, punctual and very experienced.

These performers are well known on the international break dance scene and perform and judge breakdance championships internationally. Our female performers are highly sought after hip hop performers who are friendly and well known in the corporate and club scenes, so our performers can bring “street” to your corporate event and still maintain the raw edge that is required within hip hop performances.

We can arrange these performers FLASH MOB your event if you prefer also.

We recommend 6-8 performers for corporate events.