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Farah Mak

Farah Mak is an Australian actress, television presenter, voice over artist and writer.

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    Master of Ceremonies, Wedding MCs
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  • Farah Mak


Farah Mak is an Australian actress, television presenter, voice over artist and writer.

Farah has worked on well known and much loved Aussie TV series including “Neighbours,” “Love Child” and “Utopia,” as well as various short films, and feature films such as; “The Whistleblower,” “Aperture” and the long-awaited “The Very Excellent Mr Dundee” starring Paul Hogan, John Cleese, Chevy Chase and featuring an international all-star cast.

A professionally trained actor, Farah studied at the prestigious “National Institute of Dramatic Arts” (NIDA), and continues to hone her craft through studies in acting, writing and directing. Farah has private coaching with director/writer Elissa Down, and has also worked one on one with actor Andy McPhee and voice coach Gabrielle Rogers.

Her most recent roles include playing a news anchor in the style of an SBS/world news reporter, a demanding high-flyer CEO of a fashion magazine, and a hilarious comedic role playing an obnoxious American woman who gets into a car accident with a Hollywood celebrity and totally milks the moment!

Farah Mak delivers emotional truth, depth of character and authenticity into every role she plays. Having worked across many different roles in both drama and comedy, Farah has become a captivating storyteller and is known for her sincerity and empathy in drama, and her fabulous comedic timing and hilarious sparkly sense of humour when playing comedy.

Farah is a highly regarded voice over artist known for her silky smooth sounds, and can be heard on “Neighbours” playing the role of “Lyra” voicing the Siri-like character.

As a presenter, Farah has worked on TVSN since 2013 which is aired across Australia and New Zealand. Her presenting skills are entertaining, engaging, fun and relatable, & she is loved and trusted by her audiences.

A Melbourne based wife to her soulmate and mother of four beautiful children, Farah loves horse riding, travelling, food & wine, interior styling and writing children’s picture books.


TV Presenter Bio

Farah Mak is a TV Personality having worked on TVSN, the live-to-air television shopping network since 2013 as a guest presenter and brand ambassador for The Florsheim Shoe Company. Her presenting style is entertaining, engaging, educational, fun & relatable. Farah has also shot segments presenting the weather, and as a children’s television personality. Connecting with her audiences through her bubbly persona and infectious laugh, along with her passion for people and the products she represents has created a wonderful rapport and trust with viewers across Australia and New Zealand.

Farah is also booked regularly to MC corporate events and weddings.


MC Bio

Farah Mak is an Australian television personality working in the entertainment industry as an actress, presenter and MC for corporate events and weddings. Farah is a highly sought after professional MC, with exceptional organisation skills and fine attention to detail. Her style is engaging, entertaining and natural… building rapport and relationships with her audiences through her bubbly nature and fun sense of humour. Farah takes care in preparing every event she emcees, and personalises every function to suit her client and their audience. As a public speaker Farah is confident and charismatic and will bring an effervescent energy to your event!


Our wedding was amazing – Everyone had a great time and we received nothing but compliments on how much fun they had, the food, the music – And also Farah!

She was great from the moment you put us in contact. Very prompt in her replies, friendly and professional. She was easy to talk to, accommodated all my needs and requests – Just great. She text and emailed me all the way through the lead up to the event, she attended our rehearsal and she was well on time on the night.

She dressed appropriately for my theme and she was so professional and fun throughout her MC duties. Great speaker – very confident and natural. When we sat for dinner she was friendly with everyone at the table, she came and spoke to me to make sure I was ready to go each time we resumed after food….

I honestly cant rate her high enough. And I am extremely grateful to you for putting us into contact and for suggesting her as my MC. Thank you!

Jessica Tatt | HSEQ Administrator

In my business, I have to recognize unique and special talent. I believe Farah to have these necessary qualities. Farah shines in her screen presence, withholds an almost magnetic quality on film, plays with depth and emotional truth, a likable quality that really resonates with her audience. Farah already has a good body of work behind her, having been an actress and presenter on Australian long form drama, theatre and television marketer since a very young woman.

David Lightfoot – Producer

As a Director, there are many elements I look for in an actor, but non-negotiable prerequisites, are craft and professionalism. With great control and understanding of her craft, and the professional disposition to back it up, Farah represents the best class of actor a director could wish to work with. Dedicated and disciplined, Farah always brings her A-game, throwing herself deeply into each of her diverse range of characters. Her commitment, and desire to always achieve her best, is not only admirable, but also makes the job a lot easier for all those around her.

Kelly Dolen – Director