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Disco Trivia

Disco Trivia is an event like no other!
Imagine a night where karaoke, dancing and singing are all combined with trivia questions and games, to create a party that will take your idea of corporate functions to a whole new level!

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  • Disco Trivia
    Disco Trivia


  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia
  • Disco Trivia


Classic disco tracks are played as guests are welcomed with swirling disco lights and drinks upon arrival.

At each table disco ball centerpieces sparkle along with a colourful collection of disco props from chunky gold chains to giant afro wigs.

Guests adorn themselves with the 70’s costumes props and prepare for the humor and fun that is Disco Trivia!

Dinner is served and once plates are cleared as your Quizmaster gets everyone into the spirit with her quick wit and natural charm.

And then the game begins!

ROUND ONE: The Aire Guitar off.

ROUND TWO: Rapid Fire Music followed by fun pop culture questions.

ROUND THREE: True or False which concludes in a dance-off showdown.

ROUND FOUR: Krazy Karaoke Round with classic songs everyone loves.

ROUND FIVE: Movie Music where everyone joins in a massive dance off!

At the end of the trivia awards are given to the winning team and best dressed participants.

Then the party can continue with the DJ playing music for the guests so they can dance the nights away.

It’s a fantastic event where everyone interacts with one another while being highly entertained by your Quizmaster!

It’s team building, party Style!


The energy our MC brought to our conference evening was terrific. Her MC skills are first-class and she had a way of including everyone. It is easy to say Disco Trivia was the highlight of the week for me and I’m sure the whole team.

Elena Pintado