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Colin Mclaren

Colin is a Keynote speaker on Crime – past, present, future.  He can tailor an insightful, expert and entertaining talk to suit any client.

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  • Colin Mclaren


Colin Mclaren

Colin Mclaren is a Keynote speaker on Crime – past, present, future.  He can tailor an insightful, expert and entertaining talk to suit any client.

Colin McLaren is a retired police detective. He served in Australia’s elite crime squads investigating some of Australia’s most horrendous crimes of the 1980s and 1990s. He was a team leader on a kidnapping and murder investigation of young girls dubbed as the Mr Cruel investigations, and (later) on the Walsh Street murders investigation that saw two police constables executed as well as the bombing of the NCA (law enforcement building) and murder investigation. He has served on more task forces than any serving detective sergeant of his time and was the lead in an operation that sent Australia’s mafia godfather to jail (and 10 others) by going undercover in the country’s largest covert sting. When Colin retired from the police he turned to writing crime novels and has become a successful author. His first book, ‘Infiltration’  is still the largest selling crime genre book of the past 10 years. It was turned into an Underbelly Telemovie in 2011 that starred Sulivan Stapleton playing the role of Colin. He has also been technical adviser to two Screentime Telemovies; Tell them Lucifer was here” and “The man that got away”, the story of an international drug dealer that Colin sent to the infamous Bangkok Hilton prison, and the only man to have escaped. Colin also wrote storyline material for the Screentime series “Squizzy Taylor”. Likewise he assisted in the successful “Killing Time” series.

In all Colin has written five books. His most recent book, ‘JFK: The Smoking Gun’, was the inspiration for “JFK: The Smoking Gun” documentary. Colin was host and  Associate Producer to the two hour feature in the USA and Canada, which was named “Best documentary for 2013″ by the Australian media and nominated for an Emmy Award. The story is a cold case investigation – 50 years later – of the assassination of President John F Kennedy. As Colin states, “for a retired detective, the assassination of JFK is the ultimate whodunit, which was aching for a thorough forensic analysis.” Colin concludes that while the assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald, there was a second gunman on the scene who fired the fatal bullet into Kennedy’s head – and that the fatal shot was an accident. There was never a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, but there was a colossal cover-up to ensure no one found out that a Secret Service agent accidentally shot the president! I found dozens of witnesses that were ignored, snubbed. I pulled more than 48 witnesses from my analysis, a critical mass which pointed to a second shooter, a second weapon involved. And two very different types of ammunition in play in that six seconds in history.” His discovery is now being written, in America, as a feature film.

Colin was a Producer on the Los Angeles made TV Special “JFK: Inside the evidence”, where he co-hosted a debate panel into the killing of JFK. In all, he has appeared on more than two hundred USA, Canadian and Australian media outlets discussing his projects. He is constantly researching other intriguing cold cases, for future TV productions.  He has just completed hosting and co-producing a documentary into the many unexplained facts behind the killing of Princess Diana, to be shown on a major US network in 2016. He is an Executive producer and narrator on the two hour program, filmed by Bedlam Productions in London.

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