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Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style

Flash-mob your special guests with the hottest Xmas Elves Hip hop style around

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  • Breakdancers
    Breakdancers to show possible dance style by the evles
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  • Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style
  • Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style
  • Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style


Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style

Christmas Elves Hip Hop Style – the different extra alternative option to just having Santa Claus and special jolly friends in the house. In full Xmas spirit you can now totally flash-mob your special guests at your special Xmas function and get your party started right with our Xmas Elves Hip hop style.

Why settle to a computer app to just elf yourself when you can now instead Flash-mob your special guests with the hottest Xmas Elves Hip hop style around. The international dancing cast has performed across Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. These dancers are the real deal and the cast includes both male and female dancers.

KIDS FAMILY SHOW = Just picture your beautiful and magical Xmas themed concert day with kids and family and while the action is taking place non-stop on stage you also have the Elves amongst the audience watching the show and warming up the crowd happily ever after. Then suddenly the MC announces on stage that he cannot find the Elves and that he needs help to do a bit of hip hop dance thus asking for volunteers and everybody being shy while all of a sudden people hear famous kids songs and you then see the Hip Hop Elves 1 by 1 making their way onto the stage and surprising everybody with they amazing, spectacular and fabuous dance moves and tricks. Then when finished the Elves high five as many kids as possible to further spread the Xmas spirit.

ADULTS CORPORATE SHOW = Just picture your Elves doing regular ordinary every day/night stuff at your event like helping Santa, distributing ears, gifts, hats and souvenirs, roving around mingling with guests, welcoming meet and greeting at the door, hand out presents to guests, but then BOOM all of a sudden Jingle Bells begin to play and then the Elves transform into the hottest Street Dancing Elves that you have ever seen. The show consist of 3 elements that happen consecutively being a) animation, b) performance and c) interaction.

We always require a minimum of 5 Elves in order to able to do the best show performance possible for you.

Music wise yes, the elves always mix in celebration top 40 party songs and classics with a touch of Xmas but when it is a kids show the music used is more about famous characters and tunes suitable for kids.

From the popular breaking incognito dancers and the dancing undercover Jewish Rabbis now here comes the cooler than ice new option of not just having Elves doing hip hop animation style but instead now having real professional champion dancers in the art forms of hip hop, break-dancing, tricking, popping and street dance.

Book them now and we very much look forward to working with you.

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