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Cheerleaders VIC

These girls can have costuming tailor made to suit your event. Whether it be your team or company’s colours or maybe your event itself has a colour scheme, these girls can customise their their entire show.

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    Dance, Event Theme Ideas, Fantasy Theme Ideas, Sports Events Theme
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    6 performers


  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC
  • Cheerleaders VIC


Hype up your corporate crowd, product launch, luncheon, or special event. What better way to lift the energy and prestige of an event than with gorgeous, talented, pepped up performers – our Cheerleaders!!

Have the girls cheer for your silent auction events, your fundraising events, your work awards nights, product launches or even your end of year functions.

Make a birthday boy feel very special with his own personal cheerleaders to celebrate his special milestone in his life; his 18th, 21st, 50th or even 80th birthday! What a ‘congratulations’ gift that would be!

Our Cheerleaders will perform a high energy, 4 minute routine for a product launch or special event and the song can be of your choice, themed to your liking…or you might simply wish to chose from these well known songs; guaranteed to rev up any crowd:

The Cheerleaders will meet and greet your guests or present awards, take photos with your guests and cheer for you and your event.

Generally the dancers wear red and black, all red or all black. You have the choice between silver pom poms or red and black pom poms.


A great way to pep up your guests! Perfect for sports events!