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Characters by Nick

“I seem to be able to connect well with people. I have a spontaneous, self-effacing sense of humour that gives audiences permission to play up and have fun.

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    1950's Theme ideas, Childrens Entertainers, Circus Acts, Clowns, Roving Performers
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  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
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  • Characters by Nick
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  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick
  • Characters by Nick


Nick’s Profile

Nick has worked in theatre and performance all his life, both front and back stage. as a street performer, cabaret artist, community organizer, stage actor and comic improvisor. Nick provides entertainment and fun for Corporate Events.

Nick’s Experience

For the last Twenty years, Nick has been doing corporate gigs as both performer and facilitator. This involves conceptualizing events to a brief, then working with teams of performers to make them happen. Nick has scripted skits, performed conference openers, made films, produced talent contests, created company dance events, quiz shows, car rallies and treasure hunts. Fun inclusiveness and humour are Nicks defining characteristics.

Nick’s List of Clients

Westpac, Microsoft, Macquarie Bank, Merk, Deutsche Bank, ANZ, Cannon, Freedom Furniture, HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Citrix Systems, Cisco,Westfield, Lend Lease, Optus, and many more

Nick’s Skills

Nick has a host of performing talents including juggling, music and physical performance, His strength however lies in broad characterization and comic improvisation having the ability to connect with audiences in a way that encourages them to interact and misbehave.

Nick creates delightful MC characters

by using expertise in costume, voice and comic improvisation.
At a corporate event, the MC’s function is to create a relationship with the audience that’s about clear delivery of information, working the crowd and having fun.  Nick can ensure that your event runs smoothly and to time, creating warmth, connection and a rich sense of occasion.

Nick knows how to work audiences! He can:

  • Warm them up for keynote speakers
  • Get them feeling loose and happy
  • Create an atmosphere of focus when important information needs to be delivered
  • Wake them up if it’s late in the day
  • Get them to misbehave and let their hair down.
  • Rev them up when it’s time to party
  • Reiterate key messages so the important stuff sticks

Nick Fury Speaks!

“I seem to be able to connect well with people. I have a spontaneous, self-effacing sense of humour that gives audiences permission to play up and have fun. I pay close attention to costume, accents and broad characterisation and use those skills to bring themed events to life.

“Many events benefit from up-close mingling performance as a way of breaking the ice. This emboldens and warms people, breaking down the barriers between stage and audience; I have done a lot of it over the years and differentiate myself as an MC with this skill.

“Good audience warm-ups are important for creating the right mood to receive the ensuing speakers. I get audiences clapping, cheering, cooing and whistling, and have a bag of games, exercises and brain-break activities to energise and engage.

“I carry a repertoire of supplementary novelty skills for surprise moments: juggling, body contortion tricks and playing the ukulele. I can conduct musical and dance moments with quizzes and prizes.

“In preparing for an MC role, I feel it’s important to consult closely with the client to highlight key objectives and messages. I work hard at taking a brief and fleshing out concepts to create a coherent context. I’m happy to consult on program issues, self-presentation for speakers and program structure to draw out key messages and maximise audience engagement.

“What kinds of gigs can I MC for? You name it: Parties, Dinner events, Conferences, Festivals, trade shows”

Alphonso Domingo – Comic Waiter

Alphonso is a highly animated silent performer with great skills in physical and improvised comedy. He’s great for cocktail parties, sit down dinners or general roaming situations.

Alphonso tries to be the best he can be, but despite his heroic efforts, chaos inevitably ensues. Out of desperation he juggles serviettes and performs dreadful magic tricks, crawling under tables, vainly attempting to bolster his rapidly diminishing stocks with anyone who will indulge him.

Alphonso can make aardvarks out of balloons, balance broomsticks on his chin and perform astonishing feats of body contortion.

He is a natural comic talent

Esmeralda, Gypsy Fortune Teller

Esmeralda is an exotic cross-dressing Gypsy fortune teller with amazing psychic powers. She can speak with the dead, time travel and read bumps on the heads of small domestic animals.

Possessing the power to know the secret yearnings of presidents and paupers, Esmeralda weaves a web of intrigue as she converses with inanimate objects and falls into sudden hypnotic trances (with sometimes terrifying consequences.)

For parties and events, Esmeralda sets up her Boudoir in a quiet corner with all her trappings; Tarot cards, crystal ball, Nordic runes, tea leaves etc, and engages guests one-on-one to reveal their secret loves, hidden treasures and unavoidable destinies.

Esmeralda is a delightful comic addition to almost any gathering.

Compliments Booth

… great for bolstering the confidence of wallflowers …keeps egotists amused for hours…

This is how it works…

Guests are greeted by an officious character immaculately attired in evening wear. After the proper protocols are observed, they areinvited to choose a compliment from the list.  They can have an official or effusive welcome, fawning, flattery, adulation, or even sympathy (if they have had a rough day.)   Our complimenter then launches into soliloquies of sweet words, eulogies of admiration or florid diatribes of acrobatic sycophantry…The effect on people arriving at a function is immediate; they feel good, loosen up, preen a bit and enjoy a playful moment.

It gets the party going. From the specials board they can choose; sweet nothings, foreign romance, a heartfelt apology or even a song…. Once guests have all arrived the booth can be moved inside (its very portable) – offering grandiose introductions; where we tell huge flattering fibs about our clients to a prospective beau or benefactor…dispensing flirting tips or plying a trade in illicit phone number swapping.

Get the the Compliments Booth for your next party, it makes people feel good!

The Human Joke Machine

This is a brand new idea, an outlandish and highly effective ice breaker for all kinds of events.

How does it work?

The Human Joke Machine, a crazy contraption with flashing lights and a spinning rubber chicken, cruises through the crowd telling jokes of all kinds. On a computerized touch-screen, guests select from a menu of offerings: Dad jokes, Man-walks-into-a-bar jokes, dreadful pun jokes, chicken jokes, Irish jokes, knock-knocks, shaggy dog stories and more. But the act is more than a string of jokes. Nick Fury, its animator, has worked in events for many years, and is a master of working the crowd.

Everyone loves jokes. Nick’s mission is to rescue this disappearing art form and return it to the people! A Joke Machine gig often culminates in a growing guffawing, gaggle swapping old jokes with escalating glee. It creates laugher, joy and a sense of celebration for the whole crowd.


For circus themed events, side show spruiking and grand occasions, the Ringmaster is a commanding presence; calling audiences to attention, introducing acts, house-keeping and conveying the magical ambience of the big top.

Paparazzi (2 x performers)

For Hollywood parties and awards nights, the Paparazzi are a great way to make your guests feel like movie stars. Stationed on the red carpet at the entrance to your event, they”re desperate to grab  a scoop, find out the goss,  or snap a glamorous photo. They’re excited, unapologetically sycophantic  and will  stop at nothing to get a story.

The best tactic is outlandish flattery: “How does it feel to be married to the sexiest man in Hollywood?”Love your dress, who’s your designer? , “just a few words for your millions of fans, please?”

The Paparazzi start your night off with lots of energy and fun  and will get your guests in the mood for an evening to remember.

Children’s Acts by Nick

Ace P Freckle; Slip, Slop, Slapstick

Ace P Freckle stars in a fabulously funny, highly original, 30 minute stage show for kids and adults.

Slip, Slop, Slapstick is a ballet of crazy mishaps and disasters… there are suitcases that fly open, buckets stepped in, banana skins slipped on, a pie in the face and more. There’s giant ball juggling, the “kids with whistles” routine, magic tricks, balloons and a ton of surprises. But Ace’s true genius is in his ability to improvise and create mad moments from the most unlikely situations. This Show is seriously funny.

Slip, Slop, Slapstick is a totally unpredictable

interactive experience that will be enjoyed and not forgotten by kids and adults alike.

Circus Strong Man and Human Cannon Ball…

Cedric Irving is a dare devil in the great tradition of Vaudeville and the traveling shows.   He’s the fearless hero who leaps off  high towers into buckets of water, rips telephone books in half and eats nails for breakfast.

Cedric does a  magnificent show in which he performs grand feats of  amazing strength and endurance: He juggles cannon balls,  jumps of  a high tower, ties his body into outlandish knots and as a finale, executes a daring escape from a tied sack whilst shackled head to feet.

The Show is spectacular, funny and highly interactive.

Gaston Soufle’s funny French cooking Show

Anyone can cook! – even the most stupid and talentless of children”

French master chef Gaston Soufflé shares his most famous and secret recipes in an hilarious and often messy 30 minute show for shopping centers and large events.

Discover the delicate, continental flavours of boiled frog and pan fried snails, learn how to turn poodles into hot dogs and marvel at Gaston’s dexterity as he prepares tossed salad and eats it at the same time.

Show contains excellent plate juggling, rubber knife balancing, disappearing rats, heart breaking stories of lost love, balloon art and a pie in the face.

You’ll love it. Its delicious.

The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter is as mad as a two bob watch. He’s nutty as a fruit cake, loopy, zany,  potty and thoroughly deranged. He’s fastidious, pedantic, capricious and vain: deluded, befuddled and not to be trusted or relied upon at all. Highly argumentative. Despite occasional hissy fits and delusions of grandeur, he can sometimes be mildly entertaining in small doses.